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Commander / EDH* Group Hug UR (Izzet)



While I'm still working on the deck and have some testing to do before I can call this version (version 2.0, finally) done, this should be the core deck. All of the cards in the maybe board are ones I thought about adding or cut, that I'm just going to be keeping there until the deck is pretty much finalized.

The first version of the deck was a mess and it didn't know what archetype it was trying to fulfill. It was trying to be a spellslinger build without many instants/sorceries and couldn't reliably combo off and get its wincons. The first version used Omniscience and Arjun, the Shifting Flame to essentially just cast the entire library. This version of the deck still has the same combo, but is intended to be more reliable and has more ways to win then just that. It also comes with more cards with smaller payoffs instead of the unnecessary amount of flashy but not always easy to cast or useful massive card draw spells and have more fun with drawing cards and wheels which is what first drew me to Arjun in the first place. The deck is supposed to play as a bit of a group hug deck at first, relying on cards like Howling Mine to get everyone some cards and Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist / Dissipation Field to draw some of the hate away from me. One of the bigger problems I had with my first version of the deck was dealing with opponents, who could very easily dismantle the combo (Which was a problem coming from a bunch of different places) and I want to remedy that a bit by presenting myself as a helpful player, and then comboing off very quickly in a single turn. Another thing I want to note here is that I'm considering running either Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist and/or Kraum, Ludevic's Opus as the commander to fall in with the group hug theme.

My win conditions have expanded from Omniscience to a bunch more fun cards. I've got Fateful Showdown , which can hopefully nuke one of my opponents out of nowhere. I chose Showdown over the other two cards which do the same thing Master the Way and Spiraling Embers because of the second part of the text which has me discarding my hand and redrawing cards. If I can destroy one of my opponents with it, I hopefully then have either a Niv-Mizzet, Parun or a like effect which can then do enough damage to kill another opponent or severely damage their board. Next up in my wincons is Atemsis, All-Seeing . The card is not super helpful towards the goal of the deck, but I love the idea of using it, and since I generally have easily enough cards in my hand to trigger it in this deck it went in. Everyone enjoys mill in wheel decks, right? Either way, next up are Sphinx's Tutelage & Psychic Corrosion . These cards are also pretty cheap, and combined with the amount of grouphug card draw I have they should hopefully deal significant damage to peoples decks even if I don't have Arjun on the battlefield. As I mentioned before, I'm running Omniscience . With Arjun this basically allows me to cast my entire library. My last wincon is Diviner's Wand . Arjun is a flyer already, and with this you can quickly get him pretty large when you cycle your hand which can be a way to to quickly rack up some commander damage.

While I'm testing this version I'm worried about a couple issues, my first of which is ramp. As I go along I might end up adding more ramp cards into the deck if I'm having trouble getting that very speedy one turn combo. The second issue I feel might happen might be with my few "counter" spells which are all some version of redirect, more or less because I love the idea of turning back other players spells, not because I think it would be more effective. In my head it also just seems a less oppressive then outright countering spells; especially cards like Narset's Reversal that still allow them to cast the cards they want. Any suggestions are always welcome and appreciated! Finding some good utility lands is also on my list. This will be work in progress for a while and should be getting some regular updates.


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