Aluren Yarok Reawakened!

Originally a brainchild of LabManiac_Sigi, Aluren Yarok is an adaptive combo list dedicated to abusing cards like Earthcraft and Aluren to net mana (or skip out on paying mana) from creature casts go off with infinite draw and bounce triggers you get from the countless Elvish Visionary -type creatures the deck runs. The deck also runs several powerful cEDH combo packages, like Demonic Consultation/Tainted Pact + Thassa's Oracle/Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, Notion Thief + Wheels, as well as Spellseeker + cheap reanimation effects that synergize with Yarok very well.


Below there are a few examples of how this deck can go off:

There are plenty more infinite combos when you mix and match with Aluren, Earthcraft + basics, Cloudstone Curio and pretty much every creature in the deck, especially Cloud of Faeries.

Spellseeker Reanimation Lines (by sonnyfelixo's [Yarok] Desecrated Trinity) Show

Win Outlets

With infinite mana, draw and spell casts you're free to destroy all of opponent's permanents with Assassin's Trophy and create infinite Bird tokens with Swan Song by countering one of your own spells repeatedly. The deck also runs more than several 1-card wincons. Finale of Devastation, which can be used to pump and give haste to your creatures for lethal amounts of combat damage. In addition to Finale, you also can simply exile your deck to a Thassa's Oracle / Jace and win that way as well.


Gameplay-wise, you have more than several plans to choose from:

Turbo Consult

Aim to land a dork or two, then use your on-the-field creature tutors to land Spellseeker and/or Thassa's Oracle, then win with Demonic Consultation that you can tutor off of the Spellseeker.

Yarok's Bouncy Castle

Aim for abusing Yarok with Cloud of Faeries, Shrieking Drake and an ETB draw creature. You can gather this package with the countless creature tutors the deck has, one of the most efficient being Survival of the Fittest due to our high creature count. When you achieve critical mass with mana-positive cards like Cloud of Faeries, Earthcraft/Gaea's Cradle (combined with Aluren) and bounce engines like Cavern Harpy and Cloudstone Curio, you can get insane mana production even without Yarok being on the field, allowing you to win from an unassuming board position as well.

Spellseeker Reanimation Loops

All you need is Yarok in the field, Spellseeker and (see the lines above). Huge kudos to sonnyfelixo for this spice line, go upvote his list!

Ad Nauseam

This list isn't the easiest one to win via main-phase Ad Nauseam without a ton of extra mana up, but end-step Naus lines are still pretty unpredictable because of your multiple available lines. If all you have is mana and a single tutor, Ad Naus takes the cake as your gas card.

Notion Thief + Wheels

Notion Thief has always been a borked card in cEDH, and flashing it in during an end-step and wheeling right after often is a game-ender. After Notion Wheeling, you can assemble a combo of your choice as per usual.

In addition to the card-specific gameplans, each engine card provides you with tons of mana advantage by themselves, so depending on your hand, tutoring for one of them or one of their respective combo pieces often provides you with a critical mass of resources to go off.


For more info, be sure to hop by on our Discord server dedicated to Yarok discussion!

My Hulk list (outdated): Yarok Hulkseeker


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