This is my take on a Dimir artifact deck. I built this deck to sit at around a 7 on the power level scale. No infinite combos and no fast mana make this a great deck to play at casual tables while still being quite strong and allowing you to always feel like you’re actually in the game. This deck currently has an average win turn of 10

The point of this deck is to accrue value through your artifacts while building a critical mass of artifacts to facilitate your win conditions. The commanders aren’t super essential to the deck as they serve more like “value pieces” allowing you to remove problematic creature threats and recur your best artifacts.

The two most important win conditions in the deck are Cyberdrive Awakener, serving as a “Craterhoof” like effect, and Mirrodin Besieged which can start eliminating players by simply having 15 artifacts in your graveyard.

If you like my take on this Dimir artifact deck then please leave an upvote! Also feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions. I love to talk magic and would love to know what you think!


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