Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Turbo-surveil is working!

This is an aggro/midrange flyer deck with a very heavy surveil theme.

On paper, surveil looks like a mechanic made for more controlling decks, but there are many beatdown creatures in Guilds of Ravnica that benefit from surveilling and also seem to be quite pushed, so I decided to make a proactive creature deck that utilizes the mechanic.

The deck's main creatures include Thoughtbound Phantasm and Dimir Spybug , which are both very powerful creatures that grow whenever you surveil. Combine that with Nightveil Sprite and Doom Whisperer , and you get a very powerful combination of aerial beatdown creatures.

We have Blood Operative as both a recursive threat and a lifegain engine, while Thief of Sanity Strategically Plan s from our opponent's deck whenever it attacks, creating incremental card advantage.

Because the surveil mechanic puts cards into the graveyard, Lazav, the Multifarious can be played as good utility creature that also surveils when it enters the battlefield.

Apart from that, all of our spells surveil. Discovery / Dispersal doesn't offer a great rate, but it gives us additional surveil triggers and its effects are still relevant. Notion Rain is Read the Bones but with surveil, while Thought Erasure is an all upside Thoughtseize for one extra mana, which should be fine in Standard. Price of Fame , as an unconditional removal spell with an upside, is similar to Vraska's Contempt . While the latter is probably better in a vacuum since it hits planeswalkers and also exiles the target, Price of Fame easily becomes the favorable choice in a deck that actually cares about surveil.

This deck is extremely fun to play and also pretty competitive base on my FNM experience with it. So if you are in possession of some bucks, I'd buy the deck and give it a shot at something like an FNM or maybe even a Standard GP if you're feeling frisky.

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