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Alibou and the Battlebots: an Artifact Aggro Deck

Commander / EDH Affinity Aggro Artifact Competitive Construct Myr Protection RW (Boros) Stax



A unique Boros aggro deck focusing on artifact creature synergies to deal as much damage to our opponents as soon as possible. I think the deck needs a lot of refinement. Like most of my decks this first draft is being put together with a bunch of cards I already had and as I add updates I will be trying out some new cards and figuring out how many slots I need for each type of card.

Game Plan:

Get Alibou, Ancient Witness out ASAP with artifact ramp and start to swing alongside other artifact creatures to get Alibou's trigger to destroy any blockers in our path and churn through our deck with the scry to find more gas to keep the pressure up. Boros decks historically struggle to have card draw and relay on alternative card advantage like the red "exile cards until end of turn and you may play them" effects that are also featured with the likes of Jeskas's Will, but Alibou's scry trigger is super powerful and i find myslef shoving 4-8 cards to the bottom of my library every attack step just to dig for my heavy hitting finishers like Embercleave or Iroas, God of Victory as well as boardwipe protections like Darksteel Forge and Make a Stand.


Updates Add

Hi People,

This deck is still a lot of fun and today I'm taking some time to upgrade the mana base. Because the deck has a lot of artifacts, we don't need a tremendous amount of white and red pips so I'm taking the liberty of running a lot of colorless utility lands for addition value. These utility lands also give us something to do with our excess mana late in the game because we don't have a lot of card draw and are likely to have a bunch of mana rocks in play. Also, some of the lands are also artifacts that add to our Alibou, Ancient Witness count to help us take out blockers or just kill our opponents faster. I haven't been able to find my copies of Ancient Den and Great Furnace but they will be really great additions once I can find them again.


Artifact Lands-

-Darksteel Citadel

-Rustvale Bridge

-Dread Statuary (when activated)

Color Fixing-

-Arid Mesa

-Command Tower

Activated Abilities-

-Castle Embereth

-Foundry of the Consuls

-Tomb of the Spirit Dragon


-4x Mountain

-4x Plains


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