Do you like drawing cards? Do you like hitting your opponents with tons of creatures? Do you like value?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this deck is for you!

This build of Alela focuses mostly on artifacts and there are plenty here for Alela to work with. In addition there are many enchantments as well. Most of all the creatures also double as an enchantment or artifact, which means mostly everything brings extra value with it. I also split between artifacts and enchantments because of the value each bring, and if I get hit with artifact destruction then I'll likely still have my enchantments, and vice versa. If both get destroyed, well good thing I have recursion and plenty more cards to play.

Plenty of card draw with Vedalken Archmage,Kindred Discovery, and Rhystic Study.

Assistance of Coat of Arms or Cranial Plating we do not need to have tons of creatures on the board. Though enchantment buffs such as Intangible Virtue and Favorable Winds can really help get that extra damage though.

Also running plenty of counterspells to just say no.

Overall this deck is a ton of fun to play and can come out of nowhere and win in a flash.

Suggestions or ideas for the deck are welcomed and appreciated!


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