Lord of Damage

Play equipment, draw cards, tutor for combo, protect your shit, do infinite damage. Sounds simple right?

There are several main win-cons to the deck

  • Brash Taunter + Guilty Conscience or Blazing Sunsteel
  • Godo, Bandit Warlord + Helm of the Host
  • Heartless Hidetsugu + Pariah or Shadowspear
  • Volcano Hellion ETB trigger

I absolutely love playing this deck. I have tuned the deck to be as versatile as possible. Sunforger is the humble star of the deck, being able to tutor for almost anything in the whole deck. Akiri keeps churning into combo after combo with mana and cards that seemingly come from thin air. I believe in Boros! Mana ramp and card draw are no problem. Usually xD

EDIT: Cards considering taking out,

  • Heartless Hidetsugu (sigh, love it but deck is not built for it) for Shuko
  • Buried Ruin

Sun Tzu Jank

These combos are infinite damage, infinite life, or very lethal

Pariah, Indestructible, Lifelink (read first) Show

Fiery Emancipation Show

Shadowspear Show

Volcano Hellion Show

Angel's Grace Show

Boros Kit

Sunforger Package Show

Imperial Recruit/Recruiter of the Guard Show


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46% Casual

54% Competitive