I built this deck because I wanted to create a boros deck based on the white philosophy of protection and the red philosophy of damage control. It is an equipment based deck focusing on redirecting damage to annihilate your opponents.

Akiri allows for tons of card draw while offering our creatures indestructible. Godo and Helm is a reliable combo that fits perfectly in the deck. Lots of tutors and "ramp" keep the deck focused and moving forward. Sunforger has a toolbox to choose from and benefits from cards to reduce equip costs.

I know the first thing noticeable in the combo section is how many pieces are necessary for infinite damage redirect loops. If you want two turn combos play Heliod and Walking Balista. This deck tells its opponents to get it a doctor pepper and some waffle fries, fo' free. Your opponent can not possibly predict or understand what the deck will do. Because frankly, neither can you.

Please! If there are synergies you know with any of the cards I'm playing with please let me know. I would love to hear of any suggestions, wether it be card suggestions or new directions with the deck such as going more control or more focused on attacking or going more burn based combos. I enjoy this site and am pleased to finally contribute a deck.


Boros Kit

Sun Tzu Jank

These combos are infinite damage, infinite life, or very lethal

Pariah, Indestructible, Lifelink (read first) Show

Coalhauler Swine Show

Dictate of the Twin Gods and Fiery Emancipation Show

Guilty Conscience Show

Volcano Hellion Show

Arcbond Show

Damage Kit for any Creature Show


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