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8 Whack

Hello my name is Jacob and I started playing magic when innistrad had just been released but I didn't really get into modern until tarkir block. Being on a limited budget at the time I didnt have many options for the format but of the few I did have I was drawn to this goblin deck called 8 whack. I always have had an affinity for these little green buggers and now i'm on a quest to make the deck as good as it can be.

Card Choices


In my opinion the core of the deck lies in several cards. You cannot mess with these cards or else the deck wont function how its supposed to.

  • Goblin Bushwhacker: The namesake of the deck pumps the entire team and gives haste. This is usally the way yoou will win games.
  • Reckless Bushwhacker: The other namesake of the deck. Does the same thing but you need to have casted another spell to activate the surge cost for it to work.
  • Goblin Grenade: A very powerful card that provides incredible reach and helps close out games.
  • Lightning Bolt: Should need no explanation.
  • Legion Loyalist: An all star in any matchup where the oponent has blockers. Granting first strike and trample tot he entire team helps your creatures push through for the extra damage they need to close out the game and also live to tell the tale.
  • Foundry Street Denizen: Gets huge power with all the red creatures entering the battlefield in the deck which can be pushed through by Legion Loyalist.
  • Goblin Guide: One of the best red one drops in modern just so happens to be a goblin.

The 1 Drops

This version of the deck has less one drops than is traditionally seen. The reason is because the ideal hand for the deck is t1 one drop t2 two drop t3 1 drop + whacker. These are my considerations for the 1 drop slot.

  • Skirk Prospector: A very strong one drop that lets you be very flexible with your mana. You can use it to power out a turn 2 blood moon, Generate mana with Mogg War Marshal, power out a bunch goblins off of Conspicuous Snoop all while buffing Foundry Street Denizen, among many other things. The applications to this guy are incredibly and he is my pick for the open one drop slot. However with that said there are other options.
  • Mogg Fanatic: This guy can be a great way to remove one toughness creatures your opponent may have not the least of which may include mana dorks. If he gets blocked you can always sac him and hit your oppenents face. He's a solid include if you're looking to include more one drops or you just dont like Skirk Prospector.
  • Fanatical Firebrand: This guy is basically Raging Goblin with an upside that you can tap and sac him to deal a damage to something. Not as versatile as Mogg Fanatic but haste should not be understated. Sometimes thats what you need to close out a game.
  • Devastating Summons: This card is incredibly fun to play with. It has the highest potential of all the cards in consideration to lead to a turn 3 win but its all or nothing nature makes the deck less consistent which is why I choose to stray away from this card. It is quite fun though and I do reccomend trying it out.
  • Bomat Courier: Past versions of the deck have included this card but in my opinion it is no longer necesarry. It doesnt synergize well witht he rest of the deck because it isnt a goblin nor is it red. Now we have Conspicuous Snoop to fill its roll so there is really no reason to run it.
  • Frenzied Goblin: Basically just does what Legion Loyalist does but not as well. I do not reccomend this card.

The 2 Drops

As i've stated before my version of the deck is a bit heavy on the two drops slot and some of them can be cut to make more room for the one drops. These are my considerations for the slots.

  • Conspicuous Snoop: In this deck there is no combo with him but he is still very strong. He allows you to play your goblins off the top and hold goblins in your hand to really pump out threats one after another and not run out of gas which has historically been a problem with the deck. He is a true all star and will win you many games. Of course he is not without his weaknesses. He is the slowest card in the deck being a 2 mana 2/2 isnt the greatest but its still not horrible and he is rather weak to removal.
  • Goblin Piledriver: This guy is huge he will often have 7 power or greater and if you have Legion Loyalist out thats first strike and trample. He is very powerful and finsihes games fast but he is also quite weak to removal and blockers without the before mentions Legion Loyalist.
  • Mogg War Marshal: if the other two were weak to removal this guy is the complete opposite. He is extremely efficient against single target removal as he is essentially 3 goblins from one card for 2 mana. He can be a bit slow at times but he can also keep pace in the right scenarios. He pairs very well Foundry Street Denizen, Skirk Prospector, and Goblin Grenade.
  • Burning-Tree Emissary: Is a very explosive card and in the past has been a staple of the deck. Definetly worthy of the two drop slot in some builds but my build leans more into the goblin synergies with Conspicuous Snoop and Skirk Prospector so its not quite as worth it here.

The Lands

In the mono red deck you have the option to run some utility lands. Though in my opinion there upsides are not that great compared to there downsides so I really would only every run 2-3. You will want anywhere between 17-19 lands total. Here are the options for the land slots.

  • Mountain: The most reliable land. It is perfectly vallid to only run these.
  • Sunbaked Canyon: Lets you draw a card if you are flooded at the price of 1 life per tap.
  • Ramunap Ruins: Provides a little bit of reach and something to do if you get flooded at the cost again of 1 life per tap.
  • Castle Embereth: Can pump your team if you have nothing better to do.
  • Simian Spirit Guide: Technically not a land but it does function as one. It's more explosive and also more risky. It's worth considering if you dont have Skirk Prospector and you want a way to turn 2 blood moon.


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