Equivalent exchange. To get something, you must give up something else. To get creatures, we must sacrifice creatures. To draw cards, we must sacrifice creatures. Even our mana rocks sacrifice themselves! Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper is the king of the afterlifeparty and we must all dance to the beat of his sacrificial drum. In this unique afterlife/egg/reanimator deck, he functions as an extra enabler and should be cast as soon as you have creatures and the means to sacrifice them.

Piloting the deck is fairly straightforward. Cast some creatures that make creatures when they die (Blisterpod, Sprouting Thrinax, Phyrexian Triniform) and sacrifice them as needed to build your board (Ashnod's Altar, Bankrupt in Blood, Fiend Artisan). Having a constant stream of creatures entering the battlefield and being sacrificed for more resources makes the deck go round.

When it's time to win, it's time to win. Eldrazi Monument pumps and protects our creatures enabling lethal attacks. Mogg Infestation and Hellion Eruption sacrifice all our creatures at once for an explosion of value. Living Death, Living End, and Finale of Eternity reward us for clearing out our board and reanimate our entire graveyard at once. If combat fails, Bolas's Citadel lets us cast spells for free, not to mention drain the table.


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