White/blue Spirits Tempo

This is a slight variation on the competitive U/W Spirits deck that focuses on more on defense and control while maintaining its usual tempo feel and operating almost entirely in instant speed.

Control the opponent with Detention Sphere , Spell Queller , Supreme Verdict , Azorius Charm , Mausoleum Wanderer , and Path to Exile .

Put up Wall of Reverence together with Selfless Spirit , and Kami of False Hope to ensure the ultimate defense.

Keep creatures on the field from removal using Drogskol Captain , Rattlechains , Unsettled Mariner , and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner .


Selfless Spirit + Supreme Verdict to destroy all creatures while leaving your side untouched.

Aether Vial + Phantasmal Image to create a copy of whatever is already on the battlefield at instant speed. The best value is targeting Spell Queller or Drogskol Captain (which can give all your spirits hexpoof as early as turn 3!).

This is a very defensive deck that has an answer for nearly every strategy.


Azorius Charm for various utility, like card draw, lifegain, and more spot removal. Comes in handy often.

Detention Sphere is a great card against many strategies, such as against Planeswalkers, artifacts, and enchantments. It also destroys token decks.

Eidolon of Rhetoric to combat storm and other spellslinger decks.

Remorseful Cleric for graveyard based decks, which are quite popular in the meta right now. It can also be quite the beater too.

Supreme Verdict for creature based decks and combos great with Selfless Spirit .

Ceremonious Rejection because eldrazi, artifacts, and tron suck.

Wall of Reverence mostly to counter burn strategies. The lifegain is great and it's a great spirit wall.

Condemn because I don't have a 4th copy of Path to Exile .

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome, encouraged, and appreciated!


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