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Adventurer’s Armory - Casual Variant

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A new zone. An extra deck. Altered rules. Welcome to the Armory!

The game will be laid out like this: You start with a one hundred card deck comprised of mostly equipment. A few other artifacts also, such as mana rocks or really anything else you want can keep the game interesting. If you know you will never play with more than two players then sixty cards is fine. The deck sits between the players, off to one side with less than four people, and is called the Armory. On one side of the Armory is the Scrapyard and on the other side is the Quartermaster. On the edge of the battlefield, in front of the Armory (or the center of the table),is the Contested Zone.

Now for the gameplay changes: Before the first turn begins, the top card of the Armory is turned face up. During a players turn, that player may cast one spell from the top of the Armory. If a player does they must turn over the next card. The Quartermaster can be any legendary creature or planeswalker. Obviously ones that reference artifacts or equipment are preferable. See:

Quartermaster List

Casual* Kederekt


The Quartermaster can be played like a commander, but by any player, as soon as a player can afford to do so. Whenever a player casts the quartermaster, they pay an additional (2) for each time they have cast it. Whenever a player gains control of the Quartermaster, it gains haste until end of turn. Once during each players turn, that player may roll the planar die (or a d6). If the planeswalker or chaos symbols are rolled (a 1 or 6 on a d6), that player may choose to gain control of the quartermaster or cast a second card from the Armory. A big change is the way equipment works. When an equipped creature dies, the equipment goes into the contested zone and may then be equipped by any player during their main phase. If a player gains control of any equipped creature, all attached equipment go with it.

More specific rules: The Armory counts as its own player, owner, and controller when applicable. It is not an opponent. Global effects that affect all libraries, graveyards, or permanents, affect the Armory. If such an effect requires that the Armory get shuffled, one player shuffles and one player cuts. If an equipment is sent “to it’s owners hand”, it goes to the contested zone. Any other card will go into the scrapyard. If a card sits on the Armory for a full round of turns, either because it is too expensive or no one wants it, it will be moved to the bottom of the Armory at the beginning of the end step of the last person who had a chance to cast it. The top card is then turned over. As long as a player controls the Quartermaster, that player may affect the Armory and the scrapyard as though they are his or her library and graveyard. Cards from the Armory may not be put into a players hand.

Coming soon: Decks made for play with the Armory.

If anyone has any ideas please share them. I need thoughts and feedback! If you try it, let me know what you did. (Disclaimer: Clearly there are better artifacts. These are what I had lying around.)


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