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I want to use Reaper of the Wilds , Rakshasa Deathdealer and seige rhino as my main wincons. I am going to use Disowned Ancestor and Kin-Tree Invocation to provide early blockers and generate early 4/4's. Mer-ek night blade and Ainok Bond-Kin round out the creatures. Murderous Cut, Abzan Charm and Kill Shot are in three for removal. Feast of Resistance keeps my creatures alive and the Abzan Ascendancy is there as a one of because I don't plan on relying on it, but if I do get to drop it, it could prove useful.

I know that the first thing most of you will say is I need fetches but I want to keep this fairly budget so I'm going to try and do it without them. I'm not sure if I should grab some painlands and or throw in some gainlands. Help in that regards would be great.

As always any advice or comments you have are welcome. Thanks for taking the time and DFTBA.


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Ended up 2-2 tonight.

Lost 0-2 first match against mono red aggro/burn, the deck was just to speedy for this one to keep up with.

Won 2-0 round two against Jeskai Ascendancy. Siege Rhino and the Reaper of the Wilds really pulled their weight this round.

Lost 2-1 round 3 against RW aggro/burn. Between Lightning Strike, Stoke the Flames, Monastery Swiftspear, Valley Dasher and Selfless Cathar I just didn't have enough removal or life gain to keep up with this one.

Round 4 was a 2-0 win against mardu midrange and I was able to overpower it using my rhinos, reapers and Fleecemane Lion, I was able to turn my lion from a 3/3 to a 4/4 with hexproof, indestructible, first strike and deathtouch... Not an easy thing to deal with.

I was happy with the synergies that came through tonight and think ill continue to work on it.

  • on Abzan Ascendancy - even though the timing of dropping it is crucial to it's effectiveness, this turned out to be game changer when I had a board presence. I will be keeping it the deck and am going to replace the two Brave the Sands in the sideboard with two Hardened Scales and will see if it helps.

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