Can by the devotion-to-black a strategy to play in abzan?

Many days ago I saw an obiterator devotion deck that uses white, then I thought: "I can try to do a Rock deck that uses the Gray Merchant of Asphodel strategy". I saw different versions of the monoblack devotion deck and different versions of The Rock deck (including Jund, Abzan and Sultai), and I got the conclusion that this idea was not so far-fetched, since previously there where old vesions of Jund that they used Geralf's Messenger . In the end, after several ideas, I decided to do abzan because the white contributes Lingering Souls ; on the other hand, red only gave me removals like Lightning Bolt and Kolaghan's Command (becaue Bloodbraid Elf don't work with Phyrexian Obliterator ), and blue only Snapcaster Mage (that would not help me much, because this deck did not use as many spells as other versions of The Rock). Also, the white contributes good cards for the sideboard like Stony Silence .

I hope you like this deck!


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