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A SpaceTime Story: the Lore Behind the Almighty

Commander / EDH Infinite Combo Land Destruction Lands Primer Tempo UR (Izzet)



There are many ways to approach with magic. You can choose to be a pure Wizard, a Sorcerer, an Alchemist if you want. You can even specialize yourself as a Druid, a Pyromancer or still a Necromancer... but if you would like to overcome universal laws, bending time folds and summoning colossal creatures from others dimensions, this will fits perfectly for you...

A Journey Through the SpaceTime

Welcome to my favourite lore deck, an atypical Jhoira of the Ghitu EDH. I'm going to explain the ingredients that make it smart and original:

• Heavy spells playable both throught her suspended ability and, in back-up plane, directly from your hand thanks to the hard ramp by mana rocks

• I prefered draw engine and tutors to extra turns in order to have the right piece at the right time and to exploit some interesting synergies, with a special mention to The Almighty Combo

• Moreover I LOVE to thief my opponents' masterpieces, not just to steal and control but also to take time and delay opponents' plans

The result is a very versatile deck originally built to challenge against all kind of Commanders, controlling and taking time before of your moves and beating a$$e$ up with ridiculously strong cards

This deck is born in 2016 and since then it was continously refined time after time. I always played into a semi-competitive meta that pretends to be casual, against all the strongest kind of Commander and color combination, decks able both to combo off and to set up hard control in few turns. Actually the courrent list doesn't depend entirely to her Commander and can still be dangerous even under high pressure, presenting itself as the more versatile as possible. However, several cards have been chosen becouse of my meta and a different point of view is certainly possible and, of course, always appreciated

Besides its versatility due the hard control and the fun coming from to play heavy spells without any mana, this kind of deck isn't exactly easy to pilot. According with its own nature, you must have an eye turned to the present and one to the future for an optimal play. You'll be costantly under attack and subjected to hate, so often you have to bluff with counterspells or similars, and it's recommended to wait a turn more instead to challenge with luck and go blind for an important move. You always need to know the perfect timing for every card and the perfect card for every time, and sometimes a wrong move can determined the difference between victory and defeat. While all of this could seem frustrating or too complicated for a deck that pretend to be casual, after all the dedication spent on it I can assume that every play results stimulant and rewarding

The Lore

Jhoira's main ability can create spatial fractures across the whole Multiverse allowing her to summon the biggest, scariest beings ever existed. However, when she opens her cosmic gates and giant shadows start to cover up the battlefield, it will be created a chaotic situation filled with hatred...

To overcame this, it's better for you to have in your hand some Tempo Skill and obviously some cheap Mass Land Destruction. Also Mass Removal like Curse of the Swine, Chain Reaction and Blasphemous Act can help;

  • Still, the deck recurs to others two ways to slow down your opponents, Mind Control and Mirror Maze. Check the following panels for a better overview

  • Remember that to play a Mass Land Destruction while some fatties is suspended means victory. This should be boring (and infact several players in the meta have chosen to avoid them), but I think that to play Jhoira without an Obliterate is boring too

• Alternatively, you can cheat with Accelerators to cut the turns count surprising your opponents before of the time;

  • Actually there are several others cards able to cut time counters besides those I play, but I chose to run only those with istant speed in order to mantain mana open for counterspells or Tempo Skills during my opponents turns

The aim of the deck remains to create disparity in your favor and this determined the choices around the creature package. While the Annihilation Ones simply describe themselves, the others Eldrazi I run are those able to impact the battlefield more, while the duo Consecrated Sphinx and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur is here for cards advantage

The promise of power made mind control way easier, and Jhoira appeals to it not only when the things go wrong but also in order to take time, stealing and scaring her opponents with their own spells...

If suspended infact, the following cards are able to interact with the game even by removed, allowing Jhoira to maximize her potential:

Blatant Thievery or Expropriate will make your opponents insicure about to play or not their masterpieces

Diluvian Primordial avoids other players to cast sorceries or istants unbroken like tutors or heavy removals. If a Wrath of God is already in a graveyard, he can delay even the entering into the battlefield of creatures with the promise of an imminent destruction

Reins of Power is the card that embody at best the mind control idea. Basically it's a cheaper Insurrection that warns opponents used to deploy large armies to don't play their creatures all at once

Aura Thief will surprise players who think / can nothing against enchantments

Phyrexian Metamorph often prevent the cast of big creatures (and stuff). In this case the theft only concerned identity but there are some reasons behind it:

  • A copy that enters the battlefield can benefit of EtB effects of the original;

  • You can copy even a hexproof creature since you choose it without target it;

  • If you cast an Evacuation or similar you'll bring the copy back to your hand while a stolen creature would return to the opposing one;

  • Often a board wipe happens before the last time counter is removed from cards able to steal creatures to your opponents while a copy doesn't create so much hate;

  • It won't be wasted even if a board wipe happens since Phyrexian Metamorph can copy an artifact at worst

Note that besides some of these cards are easily playable from your hand, sometimes just the fact they are sospended implies to condition your opponents' play, forcing them to put off their planes and giving you enough time to become unstoppable

After countless adventures Jhoira retired in her fortress at the edge of Multiverse to live a quiet life, building around her an ever changing labyrinth able to keep in distance all kind of enemies, even the smarter sorcerers...

The Mirror Maze consists in a bunch of cards, most lands, that interact together to stop opponents creatures from hitting you, so that you'll be protect even if you run out your Tempo Skill before the time:

Maze of Ith is the main brick of the Mirror Maze. It can save us from the biggest threat on the field, one creature at time. Weak against Hexproof foes

Vesuva and Thespian's Stage to copy the Maze. This will make your opponents unable to attack you without a large army

Kher Keep is the gate of the Mirror Maze, its Kobolds the guardians of the labyrinth. It basically spawns chump-blockers, ideal to take time. Weak against trumpling or flying

Deserted Temple to untap both the Maze and the Keep giving you the opportunity to block more creatures

Propaganda as an adding filter against large armies. It can make you virtually untouchable once the Mirror Maze is set

Bloodthirsty Blade is a cursed sword disseminated in the Maze as a trap for creatures. One problem less for every turn

Glacial Chasm will make the whole Maze freezing at 0 Kelvin stopping the time itself preventing every threat. Due to its drawback bounded to life loss and land sac it's better to use it as a last resort

While at first sight it could seem hard to build the Mirror Maze by finding its bricks into a Commander deck, tutors can help a lot in this. Check the next panel for a greater clarity

As an immortal being, Jhoira wandered for the Multiverse since oblivious time collecting all sorts of spell, from the most harmless to the forbidden ones. Now her knowledge is gathered in her magic library, a complex, paradoxical room when often is hard to look for the right answer to every ploblem. This is why she adopted several indexes...

This is a deck destined to attract hatred since the firsts turns and tutors improve its versatility against different threats time after time

Tolaria West often transmutes in Maze of Ith or, if you already played it, the others bricks of the Mirror Maze. Also you can go for Strip Mine to destroy opponents' utility lands, but if you just need some mana you can search for Temple of the False God

Expedition Map is a second Tolaria. Played principally due its attitude to be tutored by the following card if needed

Trinket Mage for Sensei's Divining Top, rocks (Sol Ring or Mana Vault) or mana fixing (Great Furnace, Seat of the Synod). Expedition Map to set the Mirror Maze

Muddle the Mixture is an answer to everything since in addition to being a counterspell you can transmute it into Bloodthirsty Blade, Fury Charm, Curse of the Swine or Cyclonic Rift. Pull from Tomorrow if you need to draw. Also you can change it for a better Counterspell like Mana Drain or, again, for a rock (Izzet Signet or Fellwar Stone for colored mana, otherwise Mind Stone or Thought Vessel)

Grozoth for heavy board control/finishers: Blasphemous Act, Expropriate, Void Winnower, Artisan of Kozilek. All of them if played

Mystical Tutor for almost everything

Just you and the whole Multiverse fused into one thing. God, if you want. This is SpaceTime magic at its maximum. This is being the Almighty...

Being the Almighty means to have mastered the Omnipotence, the Omniscience and the Omnipresence, rapresented rispectively by Enter the Infinite, the Omniscience itself and the Nexus of Fate played in loop. Here's the easier way to play one of the most almighty combo in MtG, allowing you to play your entire deck for free, forever:

1) Sospend Enter the Infinite. All you need is your Commander on the field and two colorless mana. You can tutor it with Mystical Tutor

2) Wait 4 turns. Greatness needs time and attracts hatred. Make sure to survive with your Tempo Skill or by setting the Mirror Maze;

3) Play your way to the Omnipotence and draw your entire deck;

  • 3.1) Note that playing Enter the Infinite during your upkeep means that in your draw phase you have to draw the card putted as your library with EtI itself leaving your library empty at all;

4) Get your Omniscience onto the field. Besides its mana cost of , this wouldn't be difficult since now you have access to your entire library;

  • 4.1) If you need more mana you can play Temple of the False God, Sol Ring and Mana Vault to gain (still you have to pay )

  • 4.2) You can buy time playing Nexus of Fate to gain one more turn for ghater enought mana to reach . For help you can play the cards mentioned in 4.1, this way you only need to play the Nexus. Note that you'll draw the Nexus again on your next turn since it'll be shuffled into your empty library by alone;

  • 4.3) You can put it directly into play with Flood of Tears with at least 4 nonland permanents on your field. Like above, you can do this with only with cards mentioned in 4.1;

5) Literally play your deck;

  • 5.1) I recommand to start with a Jokulhaups to clean the board and, than, your entire army. If something has a bad LtB effect or is indistructible you can steal it with Blatant Thievery or removes it with Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger since his indestructibility will save him from the MLD;

  • 5.2) Attention to draw accidental cards since in this moment you haven't at all! Be careful with Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and similar;

6) Take another turn with Nexus of Fate and make it as the only card of your deck;

7) Pass. Your turn. Draw the Nexus. Make sure you have into play Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel so that your Omnipotence stands. Almighty needs strong structures;

8) Bring out your Omnipresence playing the Nexus again and enter in an endless time loop;

9) Go throught infinite turns with your entire army engaged in a non-stop attack against your defensless opponents;

10) Embrace your Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence and succesfully became the Almighty

In the aftermath, note that often stopping at half of the previous steps will make you strong enought to win every match. In particular, once you reached the 5th point and you got an army of Eldrazi against nothing at 99% your opponents had already give up. The Almighty Combo is born principally to win against deck able to gain infinite lifes and similar, adding the Nexus to the already famous combo Omniscience + EtI

Another reason to run the Nexus is to have a card able to fill your empthy library for the next turn you played EtI since the only other ways the deck have to bypass this drawback remain a too bit forced in my opinion:

  • Discard Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre or Kozilek, Butcher of Truth with Desolate Lighthouse. This will make your graveyard as your new library and will leave you all your cards in your hand, but at the cost of one of the biggest creature in the deck. Still you have to pay despite Omniscience and this could be troublesome if you already played a Mass Land Destruction;

  • Cast Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Counterspell it. You can do the same with a counterspell on Kozilek, Butcher of Truth as long as you have at least 4 cards into your graveyard, since the "when you cast" ability of Kozilek will resolve after he shuffled graveyard and library together. Note that, about stack functioning, when you cast the counterspell for Kozilek you must specificate to respond to the ability of Kozilek and not the cast of Kozilek itself;

  • Send Memory in your graveyard and then play it from there. For this you actually have to pay becouse Omniscience only make cards in hand free, but if you are in need you can still counter something with or plus cmc with Spell Swindle and use your Treasures for the mana (the best is to counter Commit / Memory itself since its cmc is ). Note that this will take down your Omnipotence leaving you just seven random cards in your hand;

This way Nexus of Fate can replace Omniscience and goes combo with Enter the Infinite by itself. You can do it simply hard casting the Nexus at repetition once you drawn your library and Thought Vessel or Reliquary Tower are on the field, so that you'll draw again the Nexus on your next turn and for the rest of the game. This basically repeats at nauseam the point at 4.2 for infinite turns

In the end, Nexus of Fate makes the combo more solid, spectacular and funny to play

The Primer

For a safe journey across the Multiverse, there are some rules to follow...

Unwritten rules to exploit Jhoira to her best. They could seem banal, pleas read only if you don't already know the Commander:

• Play Jhoira only when you have some heavy spells in your hand ready to be suspended. It does not make sense expose her in danger without reason;

  • The only exeption is to use her as a chump-blocker against big threats if you're in serious danger and without any Tempo Skill or Mirror Maze's brick. Still, if you're in advanced game and have enought mana to play your heavy spells, she can be useful as a scapegoat and so check opponents' answers before of your Ultimates

• Play her with at least extra: this way you can use her ability in response to an eventual removal played on her. If possible, make sure the mana open is blue to bluff with counterspells;

  • Note that play her and go TappedOut when you have just could potentially make you gain two turns, but exposes her to useless dangers

• Use her ability only before your next turn, during the end step of your last opponent in turns order. This way you'll have the mana open to play istants against your opponents' moves. Morover, you'll gain a turn with your opponents unsuspecting of what you'll play with her

The cards worthy to be suspended are those with high cmc collected under the Ultimate voice and, with the right timing, those about Mind Control. Aeon Chronicler is a good exeption

During the early game is always recommended to suspend every Ultimate you drawn, while in the middle and late game is good to value if it's better to play them by hard casting instead by Jhoira's ability. Of course, if you drawn a Mass Land Destruction together with an Eldrazi, the right thing to do is to suspend the fatty guy and then play the MLD while it's still removed, possibly during the last of the four turns of waiting. This way the rest of the games will be a literal extermination

SpaceTime mastery requires study and passion...

Guide lines and probability calculations around Jhoira suspended ability. Becouse her power is to cast heavy spells without mana infact, the mana-curve of this deck needs its own way of reading. For example, an opening hand with two or three cards with cmc isn't bad at all with Jhoira as Commander, infact what you want is to suspend one of these Ultimate, the sooner is better

Still, I already explained that the best way to play Jhoira is with enought mana to use her ability just when she enters the battlefield, so basically what you need is to have as soon as possible, and thats why the deck run many Rocks

While is clearly impossible to achieve this task during the first turn without Mox or similars, the deck is actually able to set the field for Jhoira starting by the second one, with a raising probabilty from turn to turn. I'm going to explain the percentages and the cards you need in details:

Aim: +

2nd turn: 5% Show

3rd turn: 15% Show

4th turn: 65% Show

The chances to have a card suspended on the 5th turn raise to 95%, but personally I consider an opening hand as a bad one if unable to suspend something within the 4th turn

The math has been done with probability calculations considering every time the number of lands and Rocks in the deck needed to add enought mana in a determinated turn and the number of cards potentially drawn for the turn useful to play those lands or Rocks, with an approximation to unit. Note that opponents' hate and possible removals weren't considered at all

Considerations are about to improve these percentages by adding more Rocks or similars without though denaturalize the deck. Still, besides their undisputed power, I disagree with Mana Crypt and Ancient Tomb due the massive and inevitabile amount of life loss that occurs if played during early game

When you can deal with SpaceTime's gears, one plus one not always makes just two...

Cards that works well together even if at a first sight they don't share nothing in common:

Kher Keep can help Chain Reaction and Blasphemous Act to kill all puppies on the board, rispectively increasing the damages of the Reaction and lowering the casting cost of the Act by one for every Kobolds of Kher Keep created

Recurring Insight works particularly well if played after a "return to owners' hands" Tempo Skill like Evacuation or Cyclonic Rift, filling your opponents' hands in order to fill yours

Memory with Consecrated Sphinx on the field to draw a ton of cards. Before of this is better to do the math, sometimes you would draw your entire deck and you'd die, but since the Sphinx say that you "may draw" this wouldn't be a problem at all

Mana Drain and something that can tutor and show it. This is an infamous move because our opponents literally stop to play spells with more than or cmc, but it's also a back-up plane to play your Eldrazi. Spell Swindle is effective too

Enter the Infinite, Omniscience and Nexus of Fate. Explained better in the dedicated panel: The Almighty Combo

Some other combination of cards, in particular those about the Heavy Draws, are best described in the next panel Other Ways to the Almighty, as for them to work it means a truly Win Condition. Check it for a better view

Often ghatering all the Multiverse power isn't necessary for minimal threats...

Secondary WinCon bonded to The Almighty Combo. In the dedicated panel I explained how to maximize the card that embody the Omnipotence, but the deck is still able to draw a massive amount of cards all at once in determinated occasions, a thing that often can determine the victory

The key of the Semi-Omnipotence are the cards mentioned in the custom package as Heavy Draw, the way to win once you have a full hand is Omniscience and enought mana to play it or, alternatively, the not-really-a-combo Mass Land Destruction plus an Eldrazi, the last of wich can be suspended or, more rarely and with a ton of mana, played successively at the cataclysm with your mana-pool not yet empty. Both the cases can occour only in the middle and late game, and if this is the case it means that the match was a slow one, where the control has had the main part. For this kind of games, infact, the rough plan of simply attack with your Eldrazi often isn't enought

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Consecrated Sphinx are the best creatures for this kind of play. If you can protect them for a pair of turns you'll going to draw half of your library. Memory plus Consecrated Sphinx is the best trick you can do, Jin-Gitaxias and an extra-turn played thanks to Nexus of Fate or Expropriate is another notable interaction

Recurring Insight is a massive draw by itself, but it takes two turns to exploit itself at the most. If you have draw Evacuation or something else able to bounce cards in your opponents' hands with its frist cast, be sure to play it before your next turn to maximize the second one

Pull from Tomorrow needs a ton of mana to be incisor, but if the game is moved on with many stend off phases it could be happen that you already played many lands and Rocks. Due to its istant speed, if played with all your mana before of your turn you'll gain a lot of cards ready to play

• The Two Kozilek are able to fill your hand for every time you play them and sometimes bounching them with Evacuation or Flood of Tears just to cast 'em again could be the winning move

• An extra turn played by Nexus of Fate or Expropriate can give you enought time to ghater enought cards ti win. With this kind of play is better to have Thought Vessel or Reliquary Tower on the field: be sure to play them immediatly when you draw them

Aminatou's Augury, besides it's not properly a "draw" card, can let you play for free your frist eight cards, one for each type card. This can make you keep drawing if you see a Heavy Draw, can reset the solitary with an Extra Turn, but more important it determines victory if you see a MLD with an Eldrazi or the Almighty Combo itself

The easyest way to make this "solitary", however, is with Omniscence already on the field. Infact, once you can play spells without any mana, if you do a Heavy Draw often you'll draw another way to keep drawing that you can immediatly play, creating in this way a loop that will end with almost all of your library in your hands. Once you have a hand full of threats, just cast them all at once to became instoppable

Traveling in the Multiverse often it can happen to came across a point of no return...

Cards once played that were hard to cut. Besides now there isn't place for them and for this they could seem weak, I think they still need a mention:

AEtherspouts is one of the best Tempo Skill ever printed. However, due to its elevated cmc and the two specific blue mana required, sometimes it can be hard to cast

Dizzy Spell is a notable tutor for blue, but its weakness as card doesn't fit with the versatility the deck actually required

Tezzeret the Seeker is another mentionable tutor for artifact, but not more. I always used him just for his second ability, and it started to seem too slow

Thran Dynamo is a massive Rock, but colorless. Cutted with Tezzeret the Seeker (not more tutorable with him) for Gilded Lotus

Clever Impersonator was another Phyrexian Metamorph that often stayed in hand waiting something worth to copy that never arrived. I prefered the Phyrexian One due to the possibility to cast it for one less mana and his attitude to transform himself into a Rock during the early game

Spelltwine stayed in the deck for many times according with the Mind Control idea. However, it often happened that I hadn't any spell in my graveyard while I wanted to cast It, so I preferred Diluvian Primordial to it

Detritivore is a real threat if played on early game and a dead card if drawn too late. Same story, it wasn't enought versatile

Decree of Annihilation is the final cataclysm, but it's simply too heavy to cast and cycling it I did't always win. It would work suspended with some Eldrazi, but I disagree with this kind of solution due the massive hate it brings


Updates Add

Unboosted a foil Grove of the Burnwillows in front of my Magic seller and then trade it with him for Mana Drain. Always wanted one


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