Primer By Chemtails and myself

Swing your dongers to draw into turns.

Protect your dongers and dongerlord with an array of interaction.

Chain turns together and don't fumble the juggle.

Once Notorious Throng enters the juggle sequence one to two times, you should have the win.

...And please for the love of cEDH, before you comment on my list with your overrun suggestions...

They are unnecessary and suboptimal in Edric. We can hit our first extra turn spell and start chaining them together much earlier than we can amass enough creatures and overrun effects to take out the whole table in one turn. yes, even Triumph of the Hordes is slow. Think about it. you need 15 1/1s to take out a full table with that card. It only takes a couple dongers and an extra turn spell to start winning with the competitive strategy.





NOT EVEN Craterhoof Behemoth or Beastmaster Ascension!


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