I enjoy playing this deck! The name of the game is getting your fatties out early and not paying full cmc for them. That said, experienced opponents are going to go for your precious, red-headed queen, so you must have means of protecting her and only cast her when you know you aren't going to get hit with a counterspell. Often times this means casting her later in the game once you have ramped a bit. I get away with casting her turn 2 or 3 and suspending something icky fairly often, but it's usually when the rest of my hand is packed with counterspells or I already have a Swiftfoot Boots on the field. The main thing that makes your glass cannon strategy viable is your ability to interact. You have to protect your commander and protect your suspended creatures/spells once the time counters come off because there are 2 opportunities for opponents to respond to: 1) the last time counter coming off and 2) the suspended spell being cast. There are some cool interactions you can get away with here too. I had Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Akroma, Angel of Fury ready to come off of suspension and I had Leyline of Anticipation on board. Responding to the last counter coming off of one of the creatures, I overloaded Cyclonic Rift and cast Echo of Eons , shuffling away the ghastly board state. Once those resolved, I had a clear board and a hasty Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Akroma, Angel of Fury to lay down some serious damage. Obviously, not every game is going to go like that, but it is an absolute blast to play. It is worth noting that I have a couple of backup win conditions. Mana Geyser , Reiterate , and Comet Storm give you infinite red mana and player/creature damage given that your opponents have 7 tapped lands between them (which shouldn't be any trouble in edh). Rite of Replication can gift you a win, provided there are viable targets. That's all for now! I am thinking of making cuts for a Clone Legion and I am planning to tweak the land base a bit. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them! Please be constructive, though.


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