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A Nightmare



So yes this is a little all over the place with singles. What I'm wanting to do is get Liliana out early and start ramping up my swamps. The duel lands are great for dropping a dreadbore or rakdos charm. Downside is I only have 1 of each (at the moment). Bogbrew Witch + Bubbling Cauldron + Festering Newt is great but I need more witches! Blood reckoning helps when I don't have any creatures out early but the newts are one drops. Shrieking affliction is also a great enchantment that's saved me a few games. What I want to do is get nightmares out as early as possible but still use Liliana to fetch swamps, then use her -7 ability. Anyway, that's enough from me, let me know what you guys think! I need some help tightening this deck up!


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