Welcome to my Mardu Knightquip Deck, A Knight's Flail!

Once upon a time, a boy made a Yugioh deck so powerful, his peers shunned him from his playgroup. Ever since, the boy has grown into a nostalgic, cardboard crack sniffing Magic: The Gathering player. The deck that got the boy ostracized was a warrior/equipment deck. The boy has wanted to remake that which was memorable from that day on.

When I saw the new brawl deck commander Syr Gwyn, Hero of Ashvale , I instantly knew I was going to create a deck that I've wanted to make since my childhood; an equipment deck tribal.

This deck is meant to be aggro and semi-casual.

A main component of the deck is creatures with First Strike and Double Strike. This will help trigger some of the equipment that will compensate for the otherwise simple creatures. Cards like Bloodforged Battle-Axe and Umezawa's Jitte are examples of synergistic equipment with First/Double Strike. Against multiple opponents, there is a good probability that damage will get through to players directly thanks to many of the knights having protection.

The main mana fixers are Chromatic Lantern , Pillar of Origins , and the Signets. There are other cards that help cast the various knights and/or equipment as well. Tournament Grounds and Herald's Horn are a few examples.

The utility of the deck comes from equipment like Hammer of Nazahn , Heirloom Blade , Deathrender , and Conqueror's Flail . Other examples are Sigarda's Aid and Brave the Sands as far as non-equipment goes.

There may need to be more utility in general. Card draw is lacking. Same with ramp, but the deck has not been played yet, so hopefully it won't utterly fail to do what it's designed to do.

In general, this deck should get out as much fixing as possible to cast the various non-white cards. White is the primary color of this deck due to the value of knights the color provides.

Cards like Steelshaper's Gift or Stonehewer Giant should be used to bring out the best equipment for the situation. This is usually Sunforger, Hammer of Naz, or the Jitte, but against control types, Conquerer's Flail is great.

Enlightened Tutor can pull an equipment as well, but there are other enchantments that may be more worth it. At the very least, that card provides more options at top deck speed.

A secondary characteristic of the deck is combat tricks or combat control.

Odric, Lunarch Marshal or Leonin Shikari allow for combat shenanigans which will likely net removal of opponent's creatures, or a good burst damage turn.

One of the more important piece of equipment in the deck is Sunforger . Basically every instant in the deck is meant to be cast by the Sunforger. These instants can be used to protect the board against targeted or wipe spells from opponents. There are MANY options that can be slotted as forgebait, so once the deck has seen a few fights, these cards can be tailored accordingly.

There really isn't a tricky wincon to this deck. Just attack until your opponents can't be alive. Simple.

The deck will be updated once it sees battle and its weaknesses are revealed. (It's not hard to foresee the problem areas)


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