This is another lands-focused deck, this one headed by Borborygmos Enraged , with the focus being based around getting a handful of lands to discard to burn out our opponents. Then I get those lands back and do it all again.

Credit Where Credit is Due

The shell of this deck comes from the one posted by Mitch at The Commander's Quarters: I've wanted to try to build with Borborygmos Enraged for some time, and Mitch's budget list caught my eye as a place to start. If you've not checked out Mitch's channel, you should. He's great at finding cards outside of the usual staples that can provide unique deck building experiences. The budget at the time for this deck came in at under $10.

I plan to make changes as I go along, and already have made a few. But the deck does run well as-is, and I'd recommend it for anyone looking to for a place to start.


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