When every deck is a song

Sometimes you don't want to play a long grindy game. Sometimes you want a deck that plays more violently. When that is the case, this is the deck you pull out.

The play pattern is to ramp as quick as we can into Greven, Predator Captain. Once he is out, it is critical to give him lifelink to recoup the huge amounts of life the deck burns thru. Once he has lifelink, we want to use one of the many life sinks the deck includes to pay enough life to allow Greven to swing in for lethal commander damage.

The deck also includes some ways to deal with opponents that can't be attacked such as Fling, Essence Harvest or Gravitic Punch.

Beyond that in magical Christmas land, we have the ever fun combo of a pumped up Greven, Predator Captain+ Tainted Strike + Chandra's Ignition.

The deck also includes a number of cheap high power creatures that we can sacrifice to Greven. They will pump him up a little, but they are more to just keep a full grip of cards available. Some decks are a bit heavier in this category, but I prefer the consistency of a larger number of pay life effects.

When playing the deck, I've learned that you can't be "nice" and try to spread damage around. People are afraid of and will kill Greven as quick as possible. When you have any opening to swing in with Greven, you have to take it and be absolutely ruthless and give no quarter.


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