“Karametra is the god of the hearth, agriculture and harvest. She is a serene, wise god who values community, stability, and the balance of nature. She is the patron of Setessa, and associated with charity and orphans. Karametra has a tumultuous relationship with Nylea, whom she speaks of as her sister. Though she governs the realms of fertility, motherhood, and agriculture, Karametra is not a pacifist god. Her signature item is a scythe, signifying both the harvest and the natural laws of life and death.”

Karametra, God of Harvests

The big word here is “INDESTRUCTIBLE” this word alone is what separates this commander from the rest, commanders that are not easily removed will easily keep you relevant in the game while the other players struggle to regain their board states after a board wipe resolves. Also who doesn’t like stapling a slightly better Rampant Growth to every creature card in their deck? This is the second main reason why this commander is such a powerhouse in this deck!

The General Game Plan with this deck is to play Karametra on turn 3,4 or 5 then using her triggered ability to ramp every time you cast a creature in this deck. Then using cards like Tooth and Nail or Finale of Devastation to absolutely blow your opponents up with the huge haymaker cards like Craterhoof Behemoth and Kamahl, Heart of Krosa.

If you love to play creature toolbox decks that have packages of blink and recursion and a commander that ramps every single time you cast any creature so you can play cards like Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite this deck 100% is for you.

Cards in the maybeboard are to be considered adding to the deck but are dependent on the meta within the playgroups. This deck will also be updated with new cards that come out with each new release!

Allosaurus Shepherd - The Best 1 Drop non-ramp card in the deck, it does everything you can ask for, Makes all green spells in the deck uncounterable and could make the cantrip elves on the field into 5/5’s! This is an easy auto include. A MUST in any green deck!

Avacyn's Pilgrim,Birds of Paradise and Arbor Elf - Some of the best mana ramp and mana fixing in the deck.

Esper Sentinel - The Second Best 1 drop in the deck, 9 times out of 10 will get you a minimum 2-3 cards if dropped on your turn one. This is Strong Card Advantage in a one drop creature.

Serra Ascendant - Having a 6/6 flying, lifelink on turn one is such a strong early game tempo swing. I understand some playgroups do not have power levels that would want to play against this card, which is understandable. You can always substitute with a Elvish Mystic.

Duskwatch Recruiter   - This creature is used to filter through the top of your deck for creatures. Once flipped it easily becomes one of the strongest 2 drops in the deck! Reducing all of your creature cards by !

Elvish Visionary - A cantrip elf put into this deck that has some of the strongest synergy in the deck, not only does she draw you a card but she also can be used with Skullclamp for even more card draw OR used with Priest of Titania to generate mana. ALSO can be with Allosaurus Shepherd to turn her into a 5/5!

Jeskai Barricade - The lowest drop blink creature in the deck. It is very good since it also has flash to protect important creatures from removal.

Lotus Cobra - This card can generate a lot of extra mana via the landfall trigger ability it has in tandem with the all encompassing Karametra ability, ensures that mana useable on the same turn!

Priest of Titania - 2 drop elf that generates a for every elf that is on the battlefied (including herself). There are 11 more elf’s in the deck! She almost always taps for more than you think.

Sakura-Tribe Elder - Steve is just so good! Self Sacrificing ability means you can block an opponents big creature then before damage sacrifice him to find a land. In a pinch you can put Skullclamp on him to draw extra cards.

Sylvan Ranger - A Creature that finds a land to you don’t miss a land drop on turn 3. Say Less!

Wall of Blossoms and Wall of Omens - Cantrip draw creatures that are used to give early board state to prevent early damage from weenie creatures.

Wall of Roots - The strongest wall that self deprecates to create more mana!

Augur of Autumn- Let’s you play lands and creatures off the top of your deck thus giving you an extra card every turn.

Eternal Witness - The best of the best needs to be in every deck that contains green.

Farhaven Elf and Wood Elves - The strongest 3 mana ramp creatures, that put a land from your library straight onto the field.

Knight of Autumn and Reclamation Sage - Enchantment and Artifact Removal.

Recruiter of the Guard - A VERY versatile creature tutor card, mainly used to tutor for Beast Whisperer, but can obviously get almost 90% of the creatures in the whole deck.

Selvala, Explorer Returned - A 3 drop that ramps and draws you cards? Nothing more to say, its auto include.

Welcoming Vampire - The NEWEST card in the deck, this is just too much value to pass up for the deck, It draws a card for all the cantrips once every turn (Im not even including when I blink stuff in and out).

Oracle of Mul Daya - The BEST 4 DROP GREEN CREATURE IN THE FORMAT! There I said it, he literally does everything you want in a single 4 drop.

Beast Whisperer - A Creature that draws you a card for EVERY creature you play, will just let you churn and cycle through the deck with ease.

Luminous Broodmoth - This card straight up outperforms in this deck, not only do you get the ETB's when a creature dies but they also come back with flying! Making it that much easier to swing for lethal. This is hands down the strongest card in the 4 drop slot.

Solemn Simulacrum - Sad Robot ramps you when he enters and draws a card when he dies, a staple of the format and will be a staple for the foreseeable future.

Karmic Guide Best 5 Drop Creature Recursion.

God-Eternal Oketra - A creature that makes 4/4 creatures every time you cast a creature! Oketra will get you into the endgame fairly easily.

Sigarda, Host of Herons - SHE IS SUCH A STRONG PROTECTION CARD! She prevents some deck strategies to clear the board entirely.

Rampaging Baloths - The 6 drop version of God Eternal Oketra but creates a 4/4 with every land that comes into play. Also Endgame material.

Soul of the Harvest - A strong 6 drop card draw that synergizes with all the cards in the deck. However, it also is a flex spot 6 drop in the deck, it can be replaced with Dragonlord Dromoka if your group is counter heavy or Ancient Greenwarden if your feeling spicy.

Sun Titan - THE BEST 6 DROP CREATURE IN THE DECK, recursion in a creature toolbox deck is sooo strong.

Admonition Angel - Strong removal 6 drop with landfall 10/10.

Avenger of Zendikar - The Major Wincon of the entire deck, if this creature survives around until your next turn you just win.

Emeria Shepherd — My Personal Favorite Card in the deck, again creature recursion is SUCH a strong mechanic in creature tool decks.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - I can’t explain how good this card is, if your running white in any deck just play this card and have fun with it!


terastadon - The Big Boi Removal Elephant that hits everything. Big plus if you can get him blinked to watch your opponent scramble to get back into the game.

Kamahl, Heart of Krosa and Craterhoof Behemoth - The main “Game Enders” of the deck, once these are played and resolve 9 times out of 10 you should win with a swing of everything.



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