This is a Feather, the Redeemed deck that uses Feather to recur value cards such as Rile , Expedite and Defiant Strike to generate a powerful (but not imposing or attention attracting) position from which we can wear our opponents down with recurring cards such as Aurelia's Fury and Rolling Thunder , which are covered in the notable interactions section.

Alternatively, the deck also has a package of heroic/prowess creatures to apply pressure early if your opponent's are having a slow start. In addition, heroic creatures such as Akroan Conscriptor and Tethmos High Priest fit into the grind gameplan of the deck.

Aurelia's Fury / Conflagrate / Rolling Thunder / Meteor Shower + Feather, the Redeemed : If you put 1 damage on one of the creatures (examples being Feather , Akroan Conscriptor or Satyr Hoplite ), then Feather will return that card to your hand at your next end step so that you can hold it over opponents on their turns and then use it on the end step before your turn.

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame + Feather, the Redeemed : Chandra's tokens are great targets for recurring Rolling Thunder type effects after they've attacked, if you are worried about dealing damage to Feather because of Lightning Bolt (or other similar effects). Additionally Chandra's -2 Can return previously cast spells which then get returned by Feather to your hand on your end step (rather than being exiled like what happens with normal flashback effects)

Feather : Duh!!!

Guttersnipe : Doing repeatable damage every turn to all opponents is very nice (especially in the lategame if we reach a stalemate, to wear our opponents down

Karn, the Great Creator : One of the best cards in my deck's power level since nearly every deck I will play against relies on artifact ramp, of some sort. Additionally his +1 ability gives me a Feather + Rile , Expedite , etc target if I have no creatures. the ability to get artifacts in a toolbox manner with his -2 is not to be underappreciated either.

Elite Skirmisher : The ability to tap down opponent's creature's during their main phase is a powerful effect if you are attracting attention and a Blightsteel Collosus or Emrakul, Aeons Torn are going to be swinging at you. It provides great battlefield control and can be used as a powerful tool in negotiations

Boros Charm : Double strike every turn is a relevant effect, and the protection and planeswalker denial it gives is highly useful.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon : The ability to deal with a not inconsiderable amount of commanders (such as Teysa, Orzhov Scion and Azami, Lady of Scrolls ) in addition to making most planes walkers unable to use their ultimate makes the +2 very relevant. The threat of the -X obliterating opposing boards is a powerful negotiating tool. The ultimate is very powerful and will often put as far enough ahead, and with enough fuel, to win the game on the spot, or within a few turns

Chandra, Awakened Inferno : Stacking emblems helps close at stalemated games. The -3 pseudo-boardwipe is useful against token strategies and being able to eliminate key creatures/planeswalkers is really nice.


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