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Rubinia Soulsinger, has been my favorite Commander for a very long time, and I have shown quite a lot of love to all my other commanders I've built and scrapped over the years, But one stands above all of them, Rubinia, I've not been able to find a commander I like more than this one, and she's simple too, that's what's so lovely about her, she's an easy commander to work with, the problem is, she's so underwhelming compared to other commanders you'd see at a playtable. And this is what makes me so happy to play her for as long as I have, because i've learned what I could with this deck, and it's evolved and changed, and at this point, I cannot find anything myself that could make this better without breaking my bank budget, so. All suggestions are welcome, and discussions about the deck as well are welcome too! Please feel free!


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