Mizzix of the Izmagnus may storm off with dragons.

  1. Create experience tokens.
  2. proliferate the tokens.
  3. Get enough spells to storm off.
  4. Storm off!!
  5. Swing with haste dragons.


You should get a storm count of a least 8. When you use Dragonstorm target Lathliss, Dragon Queen first, then either Terror of the Peaks or Scourge of Valkas or both (I prefer both). Then Utvara Hellkite and finally at least 4 dragons that have haste.

When each dragon hits the field, Lathliss will create dragon tokens and Peaks/Valkas will deal damage on ETB. When you have all dragons on the field (haste enabled) swing and Utvara will create MORE tokens and Peaks/Valkas will ping for more damage.

Perhaps the easiest (and riskiest) way to cast Dragonstorm is with Mnemonic Deluge while Dragonstorm is in the graveyard. By casting Mnemonic Deluge and targeting Dragonstorm, you will immediately hit a storm count of 9. In the event Dragonstorm is removed from the game, you may have to seek out Sarkhan, Dragonsoul and proliferate until Sarkhan can activate his ultimate.


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replaced Worn Powerstone with Manaform Hellkite. There are some interesting combos that can be done with this dragon.



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