A freshly rebuilt Gods tribal deck for casual multiplayer games. The main idea is to keep the board clear with Child of Alara to 'buy' enough time to get many gods out and and swing for lethal when they have enough devotion. Lots of sac & recur spells have been added to keep repeating childs ability when needed.

Our playgroup decided to stop following all the new sets of WotC and keep playing with all sets we bought until the pandemic broke out.

The last set we decided on being legal for our decks would be Theros Beyond Death.

Please don't suggest newer cards, as they are not going to be added.

I still consider any good card suggestion till Theros Beyond Death.


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The last set we decided being legal in our playgroup will be 'Theros Beyond Death'. See the decks description for the reason behind this.

Added two new cards from 'Theros Beyond Death':

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