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85-card Teachings Creatureless Control

Pauper Control Creatureless Pauper UB (Dimir)


85-card Mystical Teachings-based UB creatureless control deck because 60 cards is just so mainstream. (though you can find my 60-card version here: No Creatures, No Problems)

The short answer is "because I feel like it." The long answer is that in my original 60-card version, Curse of the Bloody Tome and Devious Cover-Up are two of the (few) win conditions. The idea with this deck is to still plan on milling the opponent out, but without having to play either. Hence, 85 cards. Playing the full playset of Mystical Teachings (60-card version only plays 3) mitigates (but doesn't eliminate) the inherent inconsistency that comes with playing more than 60. We're also running other card-selection effects in the form of Preordain and Brainstorm, as well as a playset of Think Twice.
  • Evincar's Justice is here for when we need a slightly-faster-than-53-turn clock; Pristine Talisman and Crypt Incursion buffer our life total so we don't die in the process

  • Capsize, not technically a win condition, but is far and away my preferred method of prompting a concession because I love the ability to deny my opponents fun of any kind; casting this with buyback twice per turn cycle is just ... filthy. I love it.

  • And of course, good ol' decking is always a relevant option (unless we happen to be up against an 86-card deck...), because why include more win conditions when instead we can just ... Not Lose

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