75% Boros Soldier Tribal that is design to be an aggro on the get go, to go wide and be resilient.

A short history: This is the first EDH deck that I had build which compliments my aggro play style and tribal synergies which later MtG products strengthened.

You will like to play this deck if:

1.) You like an aggro play style

2.) You like go-wide with tokens

3.) You like tribal synergies

You will not like playing this deck if:

1.) You like control/combo style of play more

2.) You're a Timmy and prefer larger creatures to smash your opponents

How the deck win:

Go-wide with our soldier tokens and pump them with anthem effects.

Commander damage with our commander. Do not discount dealing commander damage viaTajic, Blade of the Legion with battalion active he can deal 1/3 of the 21 damage needed to win on one hit; with the various anthem effects in our deck Tajic can deliver lethal commander damage in at least 2 swings.

Ping our opponents with Purphoros, God of the Forge as we create tokens.


**Be vigilant:

A downside of an aggro deck in a multi-player format is that as we concentrate our resources to a single opponent we have to deal with the crackback from that player alongside with the other two players. Which granting vigilance to our creatures helps in this dilemma.

Aside from individual creatures with vigilance these cards grants it across our board:

Captain of the Watch: also creates tokens and an anthem effect

Mobilization: also another token generator

Radiant Destiny: getting the city's blessing should not be difficult in this deck; also another anthem effect

Odric, Lunarch Marshal: though he requires another creature with vigilance he can also share other abilities with our creatures. Granting first strike and vigilance at the start of every combat phase to our creatures is a strong deterrent.

**Resilient is key:

Another downside of an aggro deck is that it folds with sweepers our deck answer this by making our token generators mostly enchantments (Mobilization, Assemble the Legion), spells (Martial Coup, Finale of Glory, a planeswalker - Elspeth, Sun's Championand the OG of them all - Kjeldoran Outpost.

Our deck also have Sun Titan, the Dawn part of Dusk / Dawn, a multi-kicked Marshal's Anthem and Emeria, The Sky Ruin as graveyard recursions.

With ten enchantments in the deck Hall of Heliod's Generosity can re-use the one that our opponents had destroyed.

**Don't ran out of gas:

Being an aggro deck, and especially in boros, another issue that needed to be address is running out of cards. Mentor of the Meek,Skullclamp and Vanquisher's Bannerutilize our creatures for card draw; Smuggler's Copter can loot cards; thee of our mana rocks can be sacrifice for cards; Herald's Horn and Icon of Ancestry are pseudo-card draws.

But the all star of source of card draw in the deck is Tome of Legends; the artifact rewards our aggro strategy with our commander.

**Pump 'em up:

Our deck have multi-function anthems which aside from pumping our soldiers also provides other cool effects-

Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic are also soldiers as well so they gain the other bonuses of our tribal synergies

Daru Warchief provides a discount when casting our soldiers creatures.

Heraldic Banner naming white is another anthem effect and is a mana rock.

Cathars' Crusade in any token deck is just bonkers.

Gideon, the Oathsworn puts a +1/+1 counters on EACH creature (excluding himself) when they attacks.

**Coming through:

For games when we can't aggro from the start (i.e. slow opening hand) and the board is already stalled by much larger creatures when our board develop we have Iroas, God of Victory to provide menace to our attacking creatures, Court Street Denizen to remove blockers and Eldrazi Monument and both ultimates of our planeswalkers can provide evasion for our armies.


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