5C Tribally Tribal

A long long time ago, back when original Zendikar was new ...

I fell in love with allies during draft. One thing led to another and my first ever MTG deck was born, which was basically a bunch of allies, using Harabaz Druid for ramp, Ondu Cleric for life-gain and finishing with a pseudo-combo of Genesis Wave for a lot into Halimar Excavator s + Jwari Shapeshifter s or copying the excavator with Rites of Replication for a mill finish. The math was always a bit of a pain, but the milling was lethal surprisingly fast. Given an empty board hitting 3 excavators (or shapeshifters) and 1 other ally would often result in a kill, assuming 60-card libraries and turn 5 or 6. (More for my own sake than yours, here's the way the math works: Each excavator trigger mills 4 (1/ally). Each excavator or copy has 4 triggers (1/ally), thus 16 milled per excavator. 16 * 3 (1/excavator) = 48 cards. That'll often do it on turn 5. Rites or replication was more reliable: getting 5 halimar excavators would result in 6(allies on board)6(excavators to trigger)5(ETBs) = 180 cards.

Enamored with the list for a while, allies fell by the wayside eventually and neither Battle for Zendikar nor Zendikar Rising were much of a boon to the tribe.

Fast-forward ~12 years I'm into EDH, looking for yet another new deck to build (no it's not an addiction, go away). I'm reading this tribal tribal primer on MTGGoldfish when Harabaz Druid and Seafloor Oracle are mentioned and my heart skips a beat. "Is there actually an ally deck I've been missing?! How did this happen? I'm a fool!" Turns out: no there isn't. Not really. It's just these 2 allies and a ton of guys pretending.

The thing is: the tribal tribal "deck" isn't really a deck but more of a core of changelings adapting to your needs. Any tribe can be built with that core. So I went and built the ally deck anyway.

About the deck:

  1. It's 5C
  2. It's my cheapest deck to date
  3. It's not optimized
  4. It's not actually just allies (allies are cool, but have you seen these other tribal effects?! insert guy looking over the shoulder meme - there's also: party, pirates, dwarves, elementals, slivers, giants, dragons, merfolk, zombies, ninjas, satyrs, eggs, sphinxes and scarecrows)

Deck goals:

I hope you like the idea (hit that +1 ;)), let me know if you love allies just as much as i do and you think there's any glaring omissions (keep in mind that it's hard to find cards that don't fit though, most choices are personal preference)

Possible additions:

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