This is a a wonderfully fun variation of the Kiki-Restoration angel combo deck which uses strong creatures and 5 colors to play strong value creatures like Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   and Omnath, Locus of Creation. Then flicker those creatures for value using Ephemerate and Restoration Angel.

We are using primarily Neoform to tutor our bigger creatures. Sacrificing creatures like Voice of Resurgence and Blade Splicer are totally fine for us as their value doesn't come from being on the board 100% of the time.

Normally this deck is played as a toolbox kind of deck with many 1-of cards, but this big deviation away from that!

This deck is meant to be a near competitive variant that gives into that nice Timmy feeling of playing fun creatures and ALL THE COLORS.

  • Noble Hierarch & Birds of Paradise for early mana. We don't need black mana often, so the 1 of Overgrown Tomb, birds, and tutoring are generally enough that we rely more heavily on needed white and blue from the hierarch. The Exalted trigger and +1/+1 counters from Neoform generally give us a single target threat that can end games quicker than expected when it sticks.

  • Blade Splicer, Voice of Resurgence, and Coiling Oracle are there to get sacrificed to Neoform while also getting value out them. Voice gives us a growing token, Blade Splicer's 1/1 body isn't needed unless we want to blink it a few times, and Eternal Witness is a swiss army knife.

  • Why Coiling Oracle over Wall of Omens/Wall of Blossoms? It is more restrictive color wise, but helps us ramp and adds another blue card for our sideboard Force of Negation. This can be easily swapped for Walls if your meta has more aggro.

  • Renegade Rallier is a fun 1-of that can have us go wide early if the opportunity presents it self or if we have a second neoform in hand to use again on a 2 drop. See the Cute Interactions section.

  • Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  , Omnath, Locus of Creation, Restoration Angel, and Thragtusk are our threats and endgame. Tutoring one of these with Neoform can happen early and provide us some way to push ahead of our opponents. Angel gives us value from other creatures in play, Nicol Bolas can strip cards, and Omnath can jet us ahead in cards. Truley these creatures can be a variety of things are left to a bit of personal choice. So if you don't like these, try a card from the maybeboard!

  • Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is a side pocket card that is the namesake of the deck. This deck is a midrange value engine that can then act as a combo deck when the opportunity presents itself. The only time Kiki is bad is when he is in your hand.

Our suite of non creature spells is fairly concise and looks to be cheap and provide a way better for us to interact with our ETB creatures and create a consistent game plan.

  • Ephemerate instant speed being able to dodge removal and trigger ETB effects up to 2 more times is a must have when we aren't running a ton of threats and we have multiple interactions with ETB triggers. This card is so bonkers that a lot of the time you should think of this is a reactive spell most of the time. Think of it like a counterspell against removal. Unless you really need to refuel with a draw ETB trigger, or your opponent taps out and youre able to create some power on board, you can hold this in your hand for a while.

  • Path to Exile instant speed unrestricted removal at 1 mana. This deck is mana intensive at the beginning, so being able to only need to hold up a fetch or a mana dork is the best we hope to be able to do in the early game. So cards like Prismatic Ending, while providing a great answer to many cards, is more likely a sideboard card or 1 of in the main list.

  • Neoform is the reason this deck exists like it does. At 2 mana we dont have the restriction of using Chord of Calling like most other lists, have the ability to leave up more mana on turns we want to play it for Ephemerate or Path to Exile, and take advantage of our creature curve.

  • Teferi, Time Raveler gives us innate protection from control matchups and allows to Neoform and Eldritch Evolution at instant speed which is hilariously fun. At first I was not a fan of this card and wanted some other 3 mana creature or planeswalker, but seeing its value at shutting down people interacting with this deck on our turn (think upkeep Ephemerate rebound trigger) has been quite pleasant. There is a "nonbo" with Vocie of Resurgence, but you are killing off your own Voice quickly enough and the ability to force your opponent to just sit there through your turn is worth it.

  • Nissa, Steward of Elements is another card advantage engine. Topping this out at 4 is a safe as this will hit all but 2 permanents. The scry +2 is also nothing to scoff at. This is slightly experimental so mileage may vary and potentially there's a better value card to put here.

- INFINITE PATH TO EXILES (or really any spell) Cast Path to Exile. Cast Ephemerate on Eternal Witness and return Path to hand. Upkeep rebound Ephemerate to get back Eternal Witness.

Sideboard will be a real big deal for this deck as we have access to all colors to help protect our creatures and fight against Aggro decks looking to take advantage of the GREEDY manabase. Additionally may need more hate for graveyard based decks.

Anti Aggro

Anti Control



  • This deck folds to any deck that can strip our hands and 1 for 1 our bigger creatures. Think Counterspell, Thoughtseize, Terminate, and the like. Our sideboard is meant to give us some combative power to this but it will always be an issue if you do not set up early with Teferi's or run away with the value game.

  • Aggro really takes advantage of our mana base as there are some times where we take upwards of 9 damage within the first 3 turns because of lands.

  • Choosing which land to fetch is easily the most difficult part as getting the wrong color pairing is a disaster if you don't plan ahead on your colors.

  • The amount of damage we take from lands is painful. But, this deck excels at going wide early or forcing value within the first 3 turns. It is not uncommon for it to be turn 3 and you are at ~10 life without your opponent doing anything.

  • Blood Moon Blood Moon Blood Moon

What needs help?


The Manabase of this deck is not the best admittedly. I am using many of my own supply of lands so if anything could use work its that first. The deck generally doesn't have issues but I'm sure an additional lookover of fetches, basics, or fast lands may help the life paid for it all.

The sideboard is still quite a work in progress. The initial sideboard was created from very popular choices that fit into our archetype but still does not have a lot of testing behind it.

The mainboard is in a state of tinkering. The bombs work well with the overall theme, but the exact ratios and threats are still not 100% concrete. Remember, this is not intended to be a toolbox deck with a bunch of silver bullets, but rather something similar to the Elementals deck popular at this time. Big value plays and strong high value threats.

Of course any and all feedback is appreciated as this isn't perfect (YET) and I hope you enjoy the deck!


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