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General Ferrous Midrange [Modern 5c GoodStuff]

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Welcome to the deck tech over my personal deck Im preparing for August tabletop play; General Ferrous Midrange of the 5c Good Stuff archetype. Nothing too complex. Main gameplan is to play General Ferrous Rokiric ASAP and create an army of 4/4 Golems as we play really cool & fun multicolored cards. And yes, I do own or intend to buy all these cards for my deck, the exact art and foiling.

Endurance = Mainly for graveyard hate but earns it spot here over other available graveyard hate cards due to it being able to hate on UB Mill as well.

Kaya's Guile = Used primarily for graveyard hate and burn hate. +4 life and sacing a creature can be crippling to Burn & exiling the graveyard is always important in this current meta. Tons of versatility with it being graveyard hate, life gain, & creature removal

Meddling Mage = Our answer vs combo decks. Pretty straight forward, we name a card we're scared to death of or know our opponent wishes to combo off of. Can even be used against 1-trick pony decks such as Ammy Titan, naming Prime Time so they're forced to remove this guy or cant play their main gameplan.

Prismari Command = Good stuff card. Access to destroy artifacts is the main reason it's here but being able to generate a treasure, loot for 2, or shock a creature is tons of extra gravy.

Rakdos Charm = Another super versatile card. Can exile the graveyard which is very important, destroy an artifact which is also huge in this meta, and can surprise kill decks that mass large boardstates that we cant handle such as Elves. If Elves become more popular, look to add more of these to the sideboard

Teferi, Time Raveler = The bounce effect serves as soft removal and the static ability nullifies instant speed spells, most importantly counterspells. Swapped in vs control decks & fellow cascade decks.

Vexing Shusher = Self-explanatory. Used against control decks to make our spells uncounterable. Cannot be countered itself unlike our other control-hate cards

Fracturing Gust = mass & hard artifact/enchantment hate. Once again, artifact hate is very important in this current meta due to Underworld Book decks, Urza control, and Urza's Saga being in every deck. Enchantment decks and decks using enchantments are everywhere as well. And of course we run no artifacts/enchantments so this will always be nothing but gravy for us.

Gaddock Teeg = To mainly hate on control decks. Shuts off Cryptic Command and Supreme Verdict along with 4+ cmc planewalkers such as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and Jace, the Mind Sculptor . Can also be used to stop Stoneforge decks as it'd affect Kaldra Compleat , Batterskull , and Solitude . Also completely takes a dump on the Tron archetype

Chalice of the Void = Place on 1 to deprive our opponent of their 1cmc spells if they have a lot in their decklist. Also hard hate against Footfalls by casting on 0 to stop auto-play suspension cards.

Kitchen Finks = Pretty direct - Help against aggro decks, most especially burn. Gains us life and is a really good blocker assuming opponent doesnt have trample


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