Top Tier Sliver Tribal Deck.

I won serveral FNMs and private modern tournaments with this deck.

This in an aggro deck which is being played a bit similar to Merfolk. It's an tribal-based aggro deck with 12 lords in it.

Aether Vial: just to good in this deck, gives us explosive acceleration and uncounterable creature's with instant speed.

Galerider Sliver: 1/1 Flyer which gives all our creatures Flying? Yes please.

Predatory Sliver/Sinew Sliver: They are 8 of our 12 important lords which boost all our creatures.

Manaweft Sliver: Being five colored aquires a solid mana base. This is the perfect Birds of Paradise which gets all our boosts.

Diffusion Sliver: Modern is full of removal, so this little guy tries to protect our most important slivers.

Sedge Sliver: This is the last lord in our Trio. He costs more, but has a bigger body and gives all our slivers Regeneration, which is underrated in my opinion, because it's so important to protect some single creatures.

Necrotic Sliver: This is a modern legal Vindicate on a stick. Aether Vial on 3 allows us to put this creature into play with instant speed and activate his ability with the least important sliver against combo decks. Also good against some locks or greedy mana bases like Tron or Eldrazi.

Blur Sliver: Since we are an aggro deck, Haste is very good. His ability doesn't stack, so we run only two of them. He also has a great synergy with Collected Company.

Collected Company: This is the only noncreature nonsliver spell in this deck. All our 32 creatures are in it's range, so we always hit at least two creatures ;)
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Sentinel Sliver: Attacking and produce mana with the synergy of Manaweft Sliver. Great, but Vigilance doesn't stack, so we only run two of them. Also a great body for two mana.

In Progress

What do you think about this deck? How could I improve the deck, especially the sideboard? ?


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