Welcome to my take on an edlrazi tribal deck being lead by Zhulodok. With no fast mana, no infinite combos, and restricting myself to only eldrazi creatures, this deck is powerful but fair! More than 25 sources of mana acceleration allow us to deploy threat after threat. This deck currently has a 37% win rate with the average win turn being 9.

The goal of this deck is to overwhelm your opponents with big Elzrazi while spiraling out of control using your commander’s double cascade trigger.

There are some cards I'd like to shoutout here. In my opinion, the MVP of this deck is probably Mind's Eye as you make so much mana that this artifact will make it so you always have a full grip. Akroma's Memorial is also super solid as giving your creatures haste AND evasion makes killing your opponents so much easier. Void Winnower makes it super difficult for your opponent to cast spells to deal with you essentially cutting their deck in half. This deck has a lot of utility lands and slots you can fill with just about anything to help you on your way to victory!

If you like my take on this colorless eldrazi deck then leave an upvote or comment with any thoughts or questions! I love talking about magic and all criticism is welcome!


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