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She labors at the table, the devil impatient at her feet. It hungers for what her experiments leave behind. The beetles beneath the floorboards hunger too, but hunger is what they always do.

The thing flickers to life for an instant, snapping at her fingertips. A sharp pain delights her. Pain is what feeds her devil. She feels it's claws clutching her leg.

"Not yet my love. We must let it burn first... Or do you prefer it rare?"

The devil's grip tightens. The beetles rustle below.


This build is simple with just lands, instants, and creatures. The non-elemental cards try to take advantage of the sacrifice step for Spark Elemental, Hellspark Elemental, Hell's Thunder, and Lightning Skelemental.

Mortician Beetle, Village Rites, and Hobblefiend hedge in case the agro-elemental plan fizzles. Temur Battle Rage lets you double damage output of creatures and can double Lightning Skelemental's discard trigger.

More fun than competitive. Comments & suggestions welcome. Leave a +1 if you enjoy the deck.

If you like fun decks in the $25-$80 range, check out my other decks here.


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