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This budget deck uses cheap multi-target spells and the heroic mechanic to build up big creatures fast. For example, a Favored Hoplite , into a Phalanx Leader , into a Tandem Tactics and Gird for Battle will give you a 5/6 Phalanx Leader and a 7/9 Favored Hoplite attacking on turn 3. Emerge Unscathed provides protection, Cauldron Haze adds resiliency, and Defiant Strike and Shoulder to Shoulder both draw you cards.

If you've got a couple of extra bucks, play all four Cauldron Haze , a couple of Launch the Fleet , and sub in Fabled Hero for Wingsteed Rider .

Check out all my budget decks at $5MTG - alldecks under $5 at the time of posting.


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