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This super cheap budget deck features Amonkhet creatures that can be exerted for bonuses when they attack. Exerted creatures don't untap during your next step, so we use Djeru's Resolve to untap (usually as a combat trick) or Brave the Sands / Always Watching to avoid tapping in the first place (Djeru's Resolve can be cycled when no longer needed). Ideally, you want to play Glory-Bound Initiate on turn 2 and either Always Watching or the combination of Brave the Sands and Cartouche of Solidarity on turn 3 to attack with a 5/5 vigilant lifelinker. Vizier of the True is also very useful in this deck - given how many creatures we're exerting, you can usually tap down the other side of the board and swing in for the win.

Check out all my budget decks at $5MTG - all decks under $5 at the time of posting.


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