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5-color enchantress edh

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Enchantress EDH. The intent is to get some enchantresses and draw cards off of powerful enchantments. The eventual win-con is a lot of tokens.

This deck use to be very focused on prison effects with a bit of a stax feel and pillow fort feel... but that ended up too boring. So I removed most of the cards that slow down the game and replaced them with token generators instead and that is much more fun. It's natural to build enchantress not this way I find.

I avoid infinite combos.

I avoid things that aren't enchantments, if possible.

I've gone back and forth between generals:

  • Progenitus was the long term option, but at his cost I pretty always wanted to cast enchantments instead

  • Atogatog is good because it gets a laugh and the general really isn't that important

  • I like scion because he has evasion and can shuffle the deck which is sometimes relevant with sylvan library or opponents' deck manipulation shenanigans

I have several of the cards in this deck altered: fetches, maelstrom nexus, genju of the realm, command tower, Serra's Sanctum


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