Have you ever played a game of EDH and wondered, "Why haven't I won yet?" Well this deck is designed around not killing, or milling out your opponents. No, no. This revolves around winning from outta nowhere.

One second you'll have a confusing boardstate. The next, you just won with Barren Glory.

Look at all the ways you can win:

Wild Mongrel + Renounce + Barren Glory ---> Cast Renounce. Hold priority and discard your hand to Wild Mongrel. Then sacrifice everything except for Barren Glory and win on your next upkeep. Do this at instant speed before your next turn.

Infinite Reflections/Rite of Replication + Biovisionary ---> If you chose the Infinite Reflection route, then have 3 other creatures out when you play it to win at your end step. If you chose the Rite of Replication route, kick it, then win at your next end step. Just make sure your opponents don't kill any of them before you win.

Chaotic Goo / Karplusan Minotaur //Creepy Doll + Krark's Thumb + Chance Encounter ---> Lady luck IS on your side after all! Basically, you flip coins with Chance Encounter out, and hope to win 10 coin flips (Or have Krark's Thumb out for "Good Luck"). Have Fun!

Delaying Shield + Azor's Elocutors ---> Stop that, I'm not done talking yet! Delay all damage dealt to you, and filibuster for 5 turns. Use other counter-doubling effects to speed up the process.

Darksteel Reactor ---> Charge it up and win. Easy as that.

Vraska the Unseen ---> Ult her and attack into someone who has no creatures. Or use Rouge's Passage for a 4 mana insta-kill.

Hive Mind + Any Pact of... ---> If your opponent's aren't running a certain color, make them lose at their upkeep! How fun!

If it's foil, it means I don't have it yet.


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