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48 Card Belcher



48 Card Belcher is a budget Belcher list. It is called "48 Card" because 12 out of the 60 cards are cantrips that have a 0 net mana cost.

I am thinking about getting into legacy and Belcher is a pretty cheap deck that can pull some wins out of nowhere. Notably missing from this list is Lion's Eye Diamond . I will be adding them at some point but that is once I have the deck together and I start slowly making it non-budget.

For those who don't know what Belcher is and how it works: Belcher is a T1 win Legacy deck built with usually 1 or 0 lands that uses alternative ways to produce mana. The titular win condition is Goblin Charbelcher and the goal is to make 7 mana on the first turn to cast and activate Goblin Charbelcher for over 20 damage. The alternate win condition is to use rituals and artifacts that crack for more mana than they cost to get a storm count 9 or over and cast Empty the Warrens for over 20 goblins. Since this is a budget list the T1 win is harder to achieve but T2 wins are consistent.

This particular list is what Giacomo Mattarozzi took 7th with at Bologna in 2012 with Taiga replaced with Stomping Ground .


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