Mana burn is back! This deck creation was inspired by Mitch from Commander's Quarters, but I'm going to do my own little spin. Instead of using mana doublers that double mana for everyone, like Dictate of Karametra, the plan is to untap Yurlock to use his ability multiple times during phases where your opponents are less likely to be able to use that mana. And if they're able to spend that mana from activated abilities, then Harsh Mentor will punish them and Runic Armasaur will draw you cards from those abilities. Nyxbloom Ancient and Mana Reflection will increase the mana you give your opponents, however, you'll want to make sure you have a mana sink or two on the field to use the mana yourself and avoid taking damage from mana burn. Staff of Domination with either of those makes you go infinite and is probably the most consistent win-condition in the deck. Dosan the Falling Leaf stops your opponent's from interfering with your shenanigans and gives them less opportunity to spend the mana given to them by Yurlock. Mindslaver and Worst Fears can potentially take someone out depending on what you have on your battlefield. Another way to secure the win is to stop your opponents from gaining life thanks to Erebos, God of the Dead and Tainted Remedy. Diabolic Revelations essentially searches for your win conditions. Lots of mana rocks are in the deck to prevent damage from Mana Barbs and to get Yurlock out on turn 3. Also, running mostly basic lands to avoid damage from Burning Earth, keep the cost of the deck a little lower, and because the abundance of mana rocks and Yurlock do plenty enough mana fixing. Also, I found a copy of Ensnaring Bridge in my rare book and figured it would be a good fit in the deck as a way to protect myself since the deck doesn't really do much for attacking. I put Exquisite Blood in the side-board because if I ever get my hands on one it would have to be put in this deck.

Deck is still sort of a WIP and any comments or suggestions would be very appreciated.


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