Marauding Raptor does 2 damage to every other creature that enters the battlefield. Every creature in the deck then needs at least 3 toughness, and intentionality needs to be taken when playing multiple Marauding Raptors at once.

The most common problem of having two Marauding Raptors has a relatively simple solution.


  1. Play one or two dinos.

  2. At the end of your first main phase, play your second Marauding Raptor card for the discounted one red.

  3. Now swing with the first Raptor who is at least a 6/3, maybe even an 8/3.


A. Either they have to trade with you and you profit,

B. They don't block and thus they take a quarter of their life total to the face.

C. If they don't block your first Marauding Raptor, no worries, just block with your new Raptor that still has summoning sickness on their turn.

If both Raptors live just play a big Dino who can take it, or play Ripjaw Raptor, Ranging Raptors, or Domri, Anarch of Bolas. Then just play aggressive with one of the Maurading Raptor's till one dies. (And it may not be so bad in a pinch if you sacrifice a Regisaur Alpha and his 3/3 Dino token to the Maurading Raptors. After all, you'll end up with two 6/3's for a turn).

Deck influenced by ArfieGames and his primer. Check his work out:


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Cut Embercleave. Price wasn't worth its efficacy in this deck. Cut Otepec Huntmaster. The nombo with Marauding Raptor was no Bueno.


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