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Another Brick in the Wall

Pauper* Budget Combo Pauper Tribal



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First off, this deck will make you enemies. Former tablemates in your pauper group will disavvow you. I am just warning you, so that I cannot be blamed. It all because you are about to win, and win a lot... with a wall deck.

This deck is built around the tech from Glyph of Destruction and as a backup Blood Frenzy. Without it, nothing else is possible. The glyph allows you to give a wall a +10/+0 when it is blocking, at instant speed. So we play a wall, lets say Steel Wall. Oh look, it's an innocent 0/4 wall.

The combo of Incite or Into the Fray or Norritt (You know you have always wanted a Norritt in your deck), which lets you force an attack, the Glyph of Destruction, Fling and Soul's Fire does 20 damage with that Steel Wall, at instant speed. Game Over.

Even if you cannot get Soul's Fire off, it still hits for 10. You hit 10 spending R, 1R, R, or 4 total mana. Hitting for 20 damage costs you a whopping 7 when you include the cost of Soul's Fire.

Go ahead, build this deck, piss off your playgroup. Just don't blame me, I warned you.

Oh, and it costs $15.


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