Mana burn is back and everyone’s gonna burn.

My goal with this deck is to not have an awful lot of group slug cards. I do want mana burn to be the win con. There are 5 in here that burn opponents for not tapping lands for mana. Those being:

To help prevent myself from dying to my own win con as well I’ve included:

Helix Pinnacle for an alt win con. I’ve put in as many ways to untap Yurlok as I could find. Some of them infinite untap. Only thing I worry bout is opponents possibly having instant speed X spells to dump all the mana that’s supposed to kill them. If anyone has a suggestion for a card similar to Telepathy in jund or artifacts please leave a suggestion.

I’ve purposely left out the enchantments that give everyone more mana when tapping lands because I don’t want them getting access to a ton of mana on their turns.


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