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Lazav, the Multifarious

1v1 Commander* UB (Dimir)


Lazav, the Multifarious.

Load up your graveyard and take advantage of the many interactions Lazav and produce with your dead creatures.

As featured on the eedi-H YouTube channel:

Nimble Obstructionist , Disallow , Siren Stormtamer , Stifle counter effects like Bojuka Bog .

Nimble Obstructionist & Siren Stormtamer also double up as evasion to target after being placed neatly in the graveyard.


Lazav, the Multifarious + Phyrexian Dreadnought + any evasive creature.

Do this twice and you've won with commander damage.

Lazav, the Multifarious + Phyrexian Dreadnought + Vector Asp .

Give Lazav, the Multifarious infect then hit your opponent for 12. Works best with an evasive creature.

Lazav, the Multifarious + Vector Asp + Wall of Souls

Great if you're about to receive a hit from a big attacking creature (power 10 of greater typically). Just give Lazav, the Multifarious infect, then turn him into Wall of Souls and block! Insta-win.


Bloodline Keeper + Grimgrin, Corpse-Born + Necrotic Ooze

Necrotic Ooze (or a copy of it) can now tap to create a vampire token, which can then be used to untap with the Grimgrin, Corpse-Born ability. Each activation of this will put a +1/+1 counter on Lazav, the Multifarious and help you swing in for lethal.

Instead added Necrotic Ooze + Phyrexian Devourer + Triskelion

This gets infinite damage on your opponent.

Lazav, the Multifarious + any evasion + Phage the Untouchable

Swing in and wait for your opponent to declare blockers. Assuming they don't, you can now turn your commander into Phage the Untouchable and hit your opponent for lethal.

Necrotic Ooze (or a copy of it) allows us to activate the ability of Mirror-Mad Phantasm . This will mill our entire library because the game won't find a Mirror-Mad Phantasm in our library.

Then we go for Fatestitcher into Gravecrawler and make a land drop for the turn for Bloodghast . Hold off on your land drop until you can get out a Bloodghast because we need all 3 creatures for the next step.

Now sac all those creatures to Dread Return reanimating Laboratory Maniac .

And then cast Deep Analysis for it's flashback cost and you will draw from an empty library and win the game.

This combo is in here as a last ditch effort to win the game if the game is going on a bit too long and you can't get damage through on your opponent. But it's very clunky and takes a few practice runs to wrap your head around.

I may pull this win-con out because it is such a pain to pull off.


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