Bad puns that only make sense to me are the best deck names.

Unlike my other 5 Commander decks, I didn't build this one from scratch - it started out as the C13 "Eternal Bargain" deck, which I purchased back when I first decided I wanted to play Magic; it's obviously undergone fairly substantial revisions since then (in that there are only 2 cards in the deck I haven't replaced with a different card/shiny version), but I've had this sleeved up in one form or another for basically as long as I've been playing the game, and I'd like to think that its origins still show through all the revisions.

You'll see a lot of cards on this list that other people building around Oloro tend to include (obvious synergies are, well... obvious), and quite a few that might seem conspicuously absent (no Exquisite Blood or Felidar Sovereign? Madness!), and there's a reason for that: I actually liked the idea behind the original pre-con, just not necessarily the specific execution. I'm also not keen on infinite combos and alternate win conditions that are easily exploited due to the nature of the format, so there was no way I was ever going to put those in my deck, no matter how much of an "auto-include" some would seem to be (if you set about building decks with the intention of making them broken that is. I do not).

So what I did instead of cram my deck full of degeneracy was to prune out the various cards from the original list that were underwhelming ("french" vanilla creatures, curses, etc) or just didn't really seem to mesh with the rest of the deck, and replace them with things that augmented the existing themes of the original while also being cool and/or useful/funny; when making revisions, "splashy and unique (but impractical)" almost always won out over "good (but boring)". The goal was simply to make the deck better, but in a fun way that preserved the spirit of the original list, hence the "Better" in the name.

There are some very amusing synergies and shenanigans possible now (exponentially increasing rhinos is always a laugh), without ever quite crossing the line into the "no fun at all to play against" territory I take into consideration when deckbuilding: even when it really takes off and Magical Christmas-Land happens, I don't think this deck is capable of making anyone want to punch me right in the face for playing it, which is something I only wish I could say about all the other Oloro decks I've seen in action over the years (calling some of them "fun police" would be putting it lightly).


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By that I mean it's been years since I mentioned any updates to this deck - I have been curating it, though the list is at the point where there's not much chance of new cards making the cut so there haven't been all that many changes. Here are some of the things that made it in over the past 3 years (been too long for me to remember what got cut to make room for them):

Spire of Industry - having an artifact and paying 1 life aren't particularly big asks for an untapped land that produces all of my colors.

Irrigated Farmland - fetchable dual lands are always welcome...

Fetid Pools - particularly when you can turn them into cards instead in the late game.

Vona, Butcher of Magan - neatly encapsulates the "trade your life for resources/advantages" aspect of this deck, and with enough of a cost and timing restrictions that I don't feel it's overpowered.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation - this guy puts in WORK, his effect is just minor enough that people don't tend to change their lines of play any to work around it, or bother removing Kambal, and so the overall drain tends to be significant in the games where he makes an appearance.

Drogskol Reaver - I was somehow not running this for years, but that oversight is corrected now.


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