Let them Swarm

Notable Combos-

Rooftop Storm + Vanquisher's Banner can net you a ton of card draw as you creature storm the board then use a finisher like Gray Merchant of Asphodel , Wayward Servant and Lich Lord of Unx .

Amass is a great mechanic in this deck. Enter the God-Eternals is usually a weak card as a 5 mana removal spell but here it gives you some additionally reanimation targets as well as buffing your army or giving you another body. Eternal Skylord , Gleaming Overseer , and Vizier of the Scorpion can also win out of nowhere buffing all zombie tokens and giving them some blocking evasion.

Don't be afraid to Necromance!

You have plenty of ways to resurrect the dead and re-swarm. You army is expandable, Feed them to Grimgrin, Corpse-Born , God-Eternal Bontu and Corpse Harvester for some value. Have Cards like Midnight Reaper or Plague Belcher on the board? Get that extra value! Then resurrect them all to do it all again!


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