Welcome to slinging spells and cantrips in Boros colors, here's my take on this very interesting red white angel. Maybeboard holds candidates of cards that could be used, have been tried out or switched out by me but that I think that could still fit inside for various purposes, you should check them out if you are wondering on building a deck on Feather yourself

I'm an old school storm player, and as such have also played the Kiln Fiend deck in Pauper. If you do not know how it works, the gist is to cast something like Artful Dodge to give him unblockable, Assault Strobe to give him double strike and top it off with a Mutagenic Growth to give it lethal

Feather as a commander has a very nostalgic Kiln Fiend -feel to it, an aggressive spellslinger deck where you pump him to lethal. It becomes a pseudo-storm deck with cards like Young Pyromancer , Monastery Mentor as well as Aetherflux Reservoir . He literally creates card advantage by staying on the field, as you get everything you put into him or your other creatures back, a great creature to the lackluster color Boros, he's also incredibly resilient to removal due to the fact that you can keep recurring cards like Gods Willing and Graceful Reprieve

The largest cons of Feather in my opinion, are the facts that even though he gives a very interesting take on the spellslinger type of gameplay, you can't really rush to a victory, and at least my version where I prioritize slinging out a load of instants and sorceries has its shortcomings due to not being able to drop out many players in one turn. Seize the Day and red extra turn cards like Chance for Glory might remedy that fact considerably, and I might try them out to see how it goes

It also can't rush to victory with an enchantment/artifact or sorcery/instant based combo which finishes the game then and there, instead you're forced to mow down an opponent at a time, which means at least three turns once he's out to win a game. You also aren't equipped in these colors with a good enough way to make the job easier with infect even though you do have the option of running Grafted Exoskeleton

Another huge con is that for the first two turns of the game, you have on average nothing to play other than lands and the possible 2 CMC rocks

A method to try to race to a victory could be trying to cantrip yourself into Imperial Recruiter to find a Dualcaster Mage and do the Heat Shimmer combo with Dualcaster to go infinite

TL;DR Feather isn't the most competitive deck, won't ever be, you'll rely on cantrip spells to kill your opponents and you can't reliably really "combo off". That being said, being in boros colors, a voltron(ish) cantrips deck is a really fun archetype to play with, and isn't weak by no means

The first priority comes to getting Feather out on turn 3, due to all of his cost requiring a strict mana symbol without the colorless mana, it's incredibly difficult to cheat him out earlier, you'd need a Sol Ring in your opening hand followed up with something that can generate colored mana like Talisman of Conviction , this is why I'm testing on a very unorthodox method of ditching Sol Ring altogether and using Mox Amber instead for the much needed colored mana, also Pearl Medallion and Ruby Medallion with their reductions are much more valuable due to the 2 CMC spells when compared to something like a Fire Diamond that's only one use per turn

You're going to abuse the fact that you can cast spells like Bandage over and over again to create infinite cantrips and dig through to your pump spells like Brute Force , Assault Strobe and so on

You pump Feather and swing to win, there's not much else to it

If you've read Feather's ability, you'll come to realize that instants and sorceries, cards that care about instants and sorceries, prowess, noncreature spell casting, heroic and so on all matter to Feather, I've collected some of the best in my opinion to the maybeboard as well. To discuss them further, we'll take a look at some of the cards in the deck in this chapter

Braid of Fire

Braid is a great enchantment to run that enables you to cast instant speed red pump spells and your cantrips virtually for free and in increasing amounts, in my opinion this is a must have for the deck because it literally says play free spells


Spellbook, Library of Leng , Reliquary Tower and Thought Vessel are also in my opinion core, because you'll be cantripping yourself to 15 card hands constantly. I shouldn't need to say this, but a hand with 15 cards is better than a hand of 7, especially when you get to have them back. You could possibly even add Venser's Journal and put cards like Enlightened Tutor in to tutor up Aetherflux Reservoir for a faster Reservoir activation, to me personally the 5 CMC required for Venser sounds too large of an investment in this deck

Sword of Feast and Famine

You really need mana to keep casting your pump and cantrip spells like machine gun. Because we're going very aggresive with Feather, getting some extra power on him is good, but the real value comes from the land untaps to keep casting spells, Sword of the Animist is here for the same reason, to get some guaranteed extra ramp. Dowsing Dagger   might also work well

Psychotic Fury and the like

Pump spells are required to create threat and lethality

Monastery Mentor

As well as Guttersnipe , Young Pyromancer , Firebrand Archer are additional lines of damage that synergize with Feather amazingly, arguably Mentor is the best one of these due to the tokens having Prowess and things can get out of hand very fast with just him and Feather out

Aetherflux Reservoir

An alternative wincon that helps seal the game on top of giving you life, synergizes well with Feather, you can also use cards like Aria of Flame , Sphinx-Bone Wand and Sentinel Tower and hell even Grape Shot which can be recurred by pinging one of your creatures for 1 when your commander is out, also synergizes well with Serra Ascendant and cards like Swift Justice which may bump your life dramatically, best case scenario you'll kill someone off and get the chance to shoot the ion cannon at a different player if you can give your creatures or Feather lifelink

Mana Geyser

On average, Geyser always creates a buttload of red mana and as mentioned earlier, you need a lot of that mana to cast your hand, the only bad thing about Geyser is the fact that you can't keep recurring it with Feather, at times when you have 15+ card hands even Inner Fire is amazing to help you spam your hand empty. Running Past in Flames and Recoup in these cases can also create very explosive scenarios. Give Geyser a try and see how it works for you


You have some exile bounces that will keep recurring due to Feather, low CMC red and white creatures that have strong ETBs are good if not amazing in this deck, I'd reckon you could even build more around bouncing your creatures instead of pumping and cantrips to see how well it performs. I've listed some low CMC creatures with decent ETB effects in the maybeboard

Zada, Hedron Grinder

As well as Mirrorwing Dragon bring a huge leap in total power when you start blasting your board with pump spells, your cantrips will evolve into huge draw spells and digging a Young Pyromancer or something that gets you creatures in large amounts will possibly enable you to wipe out all of your opponents at once, which this deck otherwise struggles to do. Even Empty the Warrens becomes huge when you can give the tokens some Zada magic

The Value

Other cards

Akroan Conscriptor serves as an important tool to steal your opponents fatties for a more lethal attack phase

Past in Flames enables you to get your gas back if your hand gets removed and Feather destroyed


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