Deck Structure

This deck has been built using the 8x8 method. Half the modules fulfill typical functions you'd expect to see in any commander deck, while the other half support the specific themes of this deck.

For every deck, I include a module for ramp, removal, and card draw, preferably filled with cards that align with the deck's theme rather than generic spells that could go in any deck.

  • Ramp: I did the best I could to keep these cards on theme, but most of these are generic ramp effects you'd plop into any UB deck.
  • Removal: Most of this module is tied to milling or zombies in some way. Hinder might seem like a stretch, but it combos with Tunnel Vision to mill one of your opponent's entire deck!
  • Card Draw & Selection: Similarly, most of these selections relate either to milling or zombies, or they capitalize upon these themes to grant you card advantage. Ghostly Pilferer is the biggest stretch here, but at least you can stock your graveyard with it!
  • Commanders & Pet Cards: This module has become standard in most of my decks at this point. It includes four different commanders for this deck, each one with a "pet card" that works particularly well with that commander. Three of these commanders are considered "mid-power" and are therefore eligible for play with my group.

The other half of these module are devoted to the primary themes of this deck, which are hopefully complementary: zombies and milling.

  • The Zombies (General) Module includes zombies, zombie producers, and effects that care about zombies. These work best if you're using Gisa & Geralf and synergize most with the "zombies (graveyard)" module below. However, if you've drawn one of these along with a bunch of mill effect, you might need to be patient.
  • The Zombies (Graveyard) Module includes zombies and zombie producers that care about cards in the graveyard, therefore synergizing with the "Mill (Any/All" module below. These cards of course also synergize with the other zombies module noted above.
  • The Mill (Any/All) Module includes cards that mill yourself, your opponent(s), or both. You can use these to fill your graveyard and get some awesome zombie synergies or try to mill out your opponents.
  • The Mill (Opponents) Module includes cards that mill only your opponents. These work well with the previous module and can move you down the path of victory via decking your opponent, but they are the least synergistic with the zombie modules.

Deckbuilding Restrictions

I am loosely following a singleton rule for my entire collection, which severely narrows the selection of cards that can go in this deck. Major exclusions include:

  • cube staples,
  • cards already in my Commander Cube, and
  • cards already in one of my planar cubes (


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