I originally put together this deck with a friend in high school by modifying a preconstructed Kamigawa deck. It then underwent many more modifications over time. As I have been getting back into MTG I noticed that it is kind of slow and has a hard time achieving its aim of control until it can establish dominance through the ninjas and their ninjutsu abilities. This decklist represents some modifications I have made to the deck to attempt to fix it (partially based on some suggestions in the comments). I would appreciate opinions on speed and efficiency, as I'd like to make sure the deck works OK before investing money in cards. Feel free to recommend cutting/replacing anything but Shuriken (I love its interaction with the ninja type too much to let it go). Any card recommendations should not cost too much (buy price, not CMC).

Special note: calculating the mana curve using the ninjas' ninjutsu ability cost instead of their CMC results in the following mana curve. (Right click -> view image, if it does not appear.)


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