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If you're looking for those fast ways to win, look elsewhere friend. I'm all about keeping that Grixis Positivity everyone adores as I look at your spell on the stack and politely say: enter image description here
The idea of this was just a good old fashioned Grixis Control build. Welcome to an attrition-based archetype of long, painful grinds of permission.

Nothing instills a positive atmosphere and fun environment like telling your friends they can't do things.

Doomsday is here, in two forms. One if we're feeling cranky and want to get things over fast for as little as :

This is pretty straight forward.

Over in the #PumpkinSpice corner, however, we have the following:

Here's how it works, you cast Breakthrough for keeping Pact and Reanimate. Reanimate the Illuminati, and cast Pact, replicating it a gorillian times, making a gorillian hastey 4/4s thanks to Anger being in the grave. enter image description here

enter image description here


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